I Saw You

Week of March 8

drivers ed I first saw you about six years ago roaming the high school halls as a sophomore like me. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I would get to see you more in the class we shared. Although back then the timing was never right, for either you or I, I still saw you and hoped to see more of you as the years went on. The time we were allotted together in the past was scarce but was filled with happy moments and spontaneous adventure's that I will always cherish. Now I find myself living a life in a different state with no one but you by my side and no one but you in my most recent and fond memories. I thank you for all the loving energy you give me and the laughs that we share. I am grateful for this past year especially, our wavelengths finally aligned. I look forward to growing more in sync with you. Happy Birthday to my Sun & Stars - love, your moon

I Cut You Off To the person in the grey Dodge Ram pickup that I cut off on the freeway by the Maple exit in a red Chevy Silverado with a canopy with lots of stickers. I am so sorry, I didn't see you until it was too late! Thank you for understanding and not reacting/chasing me down.

Moonlight, Feels Right I've been walking around on this planet for a lot of years now, under a moon that I've always loved to watch. Always "my moon." But now, there is you, and slowly over the months it has become "our moon." I don't see you enough. I miss you. And at the strangest times, I look up, and there's the moon. So I text you. "Moon!" And you go out and look too. Or you text, "Moin!" (ytpo) and I go out and look. Sometimes we both text at the same time, our texts crossing in the air somewhere up in the light of that moon. For a short time, we both stand under that same moon together. You chose a song for us, with the moon as its theme. So now that moon connects us--we stand under it with a line from me to moon to you, from you to moon to me. A line made of love. And moonlight. Thank you. Cheers to our moon.

Returned wallet I cannot even begin to express the gratitude!!! I dropped my wallet in the north side Walmart. I was loading my groceries, 2 year old and 4 year old and my wallet must have dropped. I called Walmart expecting the worse case, and someone had turned it in!!! If you read this and turned in a light pink wallet from the parking lot I owe you big time. You redeemed my faith in humanity. Thank you so much, you my friend are a good person!

Thank you for standing up for us girls at the knitting factory "HUGE HUGE HUGE Thank you to the man with long brown hair, a beard and tattoos who goes by ""Jake"" You're number 1! My girls and I truly appreciate you standing up for us at the knitting factory to a creepy a** old man. Thank you thank you thank you! We were all so happy you were around us and had the courage to stand up for us when this prick was crossing the line! I know I said it a million times last night at the show but I will say it a million more times! THANK YOU!!! We need more men like you and less men like that creepy a** old man!"

Sorry NRA Cheers to the person who scolded me for comparing the NRA to ISIS and traitors. I was wrong to make those comparisons and for that I sincerely apologize. The NRA leadership should exhibit the common sense you expressed regarding gun safety measures. Take it a step farther and support banning the ownership of military style weapons that are specifically designed to maximize the killing of people. Thank you but I don't need the NRA to protect me. If guns made us safe, given the proliferation of them in our country we would have no worries what-so-ever. Fact check: Hitler did not confiscate the weapons of the general German citizenry. Instead he loosened the strict gun ownership laws imposed by the allies after WWI. He did use the gun registry to facilitate his persecution of the Jews. But gun control laws did not cause his rise to power. The mis-guided people of Germany voluntarily embraced him on a wave of populism because they believed his nationalist lies.

Por que no pollo? When you asked me what i wanted in my tamale and enchilada i said chicken, and then i get pork in my tamale. I was disappointed. Also you served everyone else who came after us before us. Why? Why can't you put chicken in your tamales. What's the big deal? Probably not going here again.

Creeper at concert and dumb security, we just can't win. A HUGE jeers to a popular music venue in town!! Lets lay this scenario out for all of you readers. Three girls go to a heavy music concert, enjoying their selves and throughout the night realize a man approx. 50 years old starring at us girls..ALOT! Finally, I pipe up to this drunk a**hole. Not only does he try to argue with me but also a nice gentleman behind us who was also uncomfortable with this mans constant starring, touching our arms and checking us out. The old man starts to argue with this kind man behind us and (I SH*T YOU NOT!) says, "Oh what! I'll do what I want. If you wanna SHOOT me, I'll shoot you first!" Security takes US away and tried to move US from our spot. They seem to not give a sh*t about this mans threat to shoot this kind man behind us. After telling our story to security, they decide to move the man and his group of "friends" TO THE VIP! Let me just say, If this old creepy a$$ man REALLY did have a gun, he would have had perfect view to shoot us and the entire concert go-ers right there in the VIP! SO WHY.. WHY WHY WHY did he get moved to the VIP. Get your sh*t together security! you're idiots.

Lincoln Heights Shopping Center To the people constantly flying through this parking lot...some days I'm scared I'm going to get ran over trying to get to my car! Please slow down!

Jeers to the US government leaders "Jeers to US government leaders and the NRA for doing nothing about assault arms after all the lives lost over the last few years! I understand that guns don't take lives but if we have stupid people willing to use simi automatic weapons to massacre innocent citizens then we need to take actions to stop it ASAP! And to suggest to arm teachers is a sanity check for us all! I say we mandate that all wepons holding more than six bullets be implemented with human recognition that can determine if the rifle or hand gun is pointed at a person and renders the weapon useleas! I also vote to add GPS to all simi automatic weapons so they can be tracked 24/7 and records how many rounds are fired! Furthermore, all registered gun owners must have there wepons implamented with these new technologies ASAP! And for the ones that refuse, they should be considered a threat to our society and loss thier 2nd admit rights! If the registered owner is unable to afford the new implications, the US tax payers buy it from them and the wepon is destroyed! Just like driving a car is a privilege, so should owning assault wepons! If people want to arm themselves for protection, buy a six shooter and or shot gun! For one to say they need a simi automatic assault wepon for protection is call for a sanity check on that person!"

Angry Santana "Fan" Floor seats at an "arena" concert usually mean people pay extra for that seat to stand and dance with the music. First off thanks for starting your rude ass coment with a compliment. yes My behind is nice, yes i know it is not a window and hard to see through. Do you really think im just going to buy floor seats to sit down while Santana plays his heart out for us? No way, if you want to sit at a concert, like a told you, go sit up in the bleacher seats or buy the front row. I do respect you for applogizing for being a creep, we shook hads all is well, but jeez man figure ♦

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