I Saw You

Week of March 15

Time for Thai I saw you on Thursday at Thai Bamboo- you were so helpful and kind to the waitstaff and those two little cuties that you brought with you. Those auburn curls sure looked amazing lit by that ever-changing ceiling. Maybe we can grab some curry alone sometime?

Mr. President Teachers carrying guns?, is a barbaric suggestion. So are you saying we should add more guns to an already "out of control" gigantic gun significance in our country? For goodness sake Mr President, if nothing else get beyond yourself & think logically. We are watching you.

Young lady at Costco To the young lady in the northside Costco parking lot on Feb 2 who jumped in to help my elderly mom lug those large bags of potting soil into the trunk of her car, YOU ARE AWESOME! Thank you for being so caring. You give me hope for the future! The guy who sat in his car and watched, waiting for the parking spot, not so much...

Double Hot-Stuff You just so happened to pick up 2 kinds of oreos and oreo cereal for me on Monday. Your handsome face was alight with laughter when I discovered them all. Thank you for making every day fun! xo

Birthdays! Shout out to Jeremy and Alexis, my amazing students. Happy Birthday and know that we all think you are wonderful!

Fun-due for 5 Thank you for helping me care for our littles and talking to them about love and happiness. I thoroughly enjoyed our family fondue night and the kind words you said about me. They were genuinely the nicest things anyone has ever said about me. I love you endlessly, my partner in life, my super hero and my best friend. Xo

Sexy Lady to the nicest sweetest lady I have ever met. I know you're going through some difficult times, I I hope you know this I love you with all my heart. you are the best thing that has came into my life I don't ever want to see you leave. I hope the rest of the time that we have together will be incredible. love you forever, and hey spring is here sexy let's go play. (You're handsome)

spokane fashionista I saw you walking from Peaceful Valley to uptown and my driver wouldn't stop so I could ask if you'd be my date for the Titanic party I'm attending Saturday night. You looked so dapper with bouffant hair, red ascot, fabulous 3 piece suit, gloves, walking stick, and oh, those shoes (spats?) Thanks for stirring my imagination!

Bear Lake Good Samaritan Huge shout out to the wonderful person that saw our car keys on the ground and hung them on the drivers side door handle of the Hyundai Santa Fe parked in the first lot at Bear Lake on March 11th. I drove but, I handed the keys to my husband to carry. They have a metal container on the key ring that holds his nitroglycerin pills. He was so out of breath when we got back to he parking lot and he stopped to sit on a rock, I asked for the keys and he realized that he dropped the keys. I was getting ready to re-trace the route we walked- all the way around the lake! when I looked over and saw the keys on the door. I literally yelled out "thank you, kind stranger" The other people there probably thought I was nuts! I was just seriously beyond happy and grateful!!

Medical Lake City of Volunteers and Pharmacy Just want to send a big "THANKS" to the Medical Lake voluntary Medical Response and Fire department on March 24. Prompt, efficient, friendly and very professional. Refreshing to know they are there in a flash. Thanks so much from a very Happy Daughter and Family. Your service before and after was very reassuring he got the best service. THANKS!!! Pharmacy. Pharmacy Personal have gone beyond their responsibilities. Having Senior Citizen Parents living in ML, they have delivered prescriptions, made calls and sorted out pills from Deaconess mishap. You have been a God send and once again Thanks so much for being there and so efficient. We also love the work you do with the Animals speaks a lot about everyone who works there. Thanks ML you have a great Community!!!

NRA vs ISIS comparison From the last issue, CHEERS to the person who compared the NRA to ISIS. You were right the first time, and didn't need to apologize. Like ISIS, the NRA feeds on ignorance, hatred and violence. Both the NRA and ISIS adopt single-focused polices and practices that maximize human suffering and carnage. By forcing its wicked approach to community safety (that is, less safe communities), indeed the NRA is a terrorist organization.

Returned Wallet Thank you kind, thoughtful person who turned in my wallet to Nectar Wine and Beer in Kendall Yards. I must've dropped it in the slush filled street while trying to get into my car that evening. It is people like you that renew my faith in humanity and I continue to pay it forward every day. Thank you also to the owner of the winery. I can't wait to return to your gem of an establishment and enjoy a glass of wine!

Get A Life, Porcupine "You! Drama queen of the lakes. Sex monger, bar fly, body exposer - always looking for a sugar daddy. You know who you are. WE know who you are! He said ""She's not even good looking"" another said ""who's looking at her face?"" A romp in the woods, you call love no more than ""lust in the dust"". Get a life, porcupine Leave our husbands and married men alone. Go back to your vibrator. Sugar daddy went back to his wife. Viagra was too much for him. you actually still live?? Karma, Karma, Karma to you."

Rocking Indignation To the guy at the Bartlett on 3/3 who insisted on singing off-key at the top of his lungs while clapping as loud as possible as though this somehow makes you the supreme ultimate fan of the universe. You annoyed everyone within a 30ft radius and considering the small venue I believe that was everyone in attendance. I'm all for audience participation and believe that a good crowd can enhance the musical experience, but you my friend were disruptive and annoying and when asked to tone it down, you just seemed to step up your game of irritation. It was disrespectful to the people around you and to the band itself. I know its hard to believe but no one paid to listen to your off-pitch sour harmonies drowning out the actual band, but I would have gladly paid just to have you muted even a little bit!!!

You had to be a Big Shot Couldn't stand it anymore and had to write the other side of the story about you, Mr. High Ranking Official, (this is the part where karma is the bitch) Being a fly on the wall of a place that you frequent, and also dealing with you myself, I have seen you as sullen, refusing conversation, as if your matters are the the most important in the world, and nobody, (especially the minions of a retail business) better disturb you while you're dealing with them. Then there are the downright rages that you go into if any one contridicts what you believe to be right, even when you're not. I am sure you're a expert at that which you know nothing about. Maybe in the realm of customer relations, we have awnsered your questions many times before, and are just trying to assist you. Do you really believe that we are issued a paycheck just to piss you off? You say that no one is 100%, and that I might look at myself in the mirrors of my life, and see that I am not perfect as well. At least when I look, I usually don't see an angry, self-important, "my money's better than yours" idiot with class tier discrimination issues. THAT is the impression that you leave with others. I don't even know you personally, but I was very satisfied to see the troubles you brought on to yourself. You are all-mighty and deserve everything that you receive.

It is not the metal things fault I am amazed how many violent responses have been made based on misinformation and hate. NRA or political parties are not responsible for those who have violent tendencies. Neither is AAA responsible for those who use cars to kill. Yet the very violent media and training video "games" for children is alright and supposedly has no effect on them. Just like porn doesn't have an effect on children ♦

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