I Saw You

Week of March 22

Steel Panther/White sweater guy You were in the bar during Steel Panther wearing a white 1/4 zip sweater. I NEED THIS SWEATER. Please let me give you money for it.

My Everything Ive loved you since the beginning but the timing was not right. I've known that we would be together and it would just be a matter of time. God has his plans for "us", so I knew in my heart and soul that one day he would bring us back together. I just want you to know that I couldn't be happier. I love you with all that I am and everything in me. You are the most amazing man I have ever met. I thank God for you everyday. Thank you for being you! YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING. I love you... Forever yours, "Ice Queen"

Slick Rock You were short wearing a white shirt, you had tattoos on your arms. You suggested a new tea that they have, that drops the flavoring in when you open it. You were extremly gorgeous. I was wearing gray flannel and blue jeans. Maybe we could grab lunch, or a burrito from slick rock. :) respond in here with an email if your interested.

Time Click/Elevator Man We see each other sometimes when we leave work. We work at a very large place in Spokane. There seems to be a spark between us. I don't know your name or even if you are single. But I do want to tell you that I am single and interested in getting to know you if you are also single.

Best Mom ever Hey there Mrs. Newport, I couldn't believe it the other day when I got to see you all dressd up and looking beautiful. I am the luckiest man alive getting to spend time with you and your kids every day. What an amazing mother and care provider for your family. I'm not sure how you fit in everything you do every day but the love you provide to your family speaks volumes. Your love is without bounds. Love the greatful Husky

Dreamy Pho-Real I saw you at Pho Thinh last Sunday. You were laughing joyfully and playing words with friends. Yoy enjoyed a large bowl of spicy soup. I loved your dimples and classy gray shirt. Maybe I can buy you a bowl sometime?

My Star I can't tell you enough just how much I love you AKat. We have our good days and not so good days. But through it all, I love you more than anyone. You are such an amazing momma, Ry adores you. I can't imagine life without you by my side. I'm sorry I'm not the best at talking about things that need discussed. I am slowly a work in progress, but I am truly grateful for your unconditional love and patience. You are such an inspiration to me And to more than you know. I see you spend countless hours doing hw, but when it's over, you are going to change more lives that you'll ever know. You are my rainbow when its raining, and you are the stars that light up my life. I love you more than all the stars in the sky boobear <3 *Kris*

Thank you Farmers and Farm Workers No matter what your stance is on the issue of Immigration, a large part of the immigrant community puts food on our tables. There is Honor in that labor and the people and work they do should be respected for that. Thank You.

Chicken Strips and Swings I loved spending the day with you and the kids. Even somethibg as simpleas DQ baskets and a stroll jn the park followed by swings, laughter and shopping is made better when you are near. The stresses I faced that day....that week...and as the kiddos had their moments, were met with ease because of your strength, positivity, patience and love. You are amazing.

And You Wonder Why People Dislike Public Sector Unions I am an Office Manager for a small business in Spokane. I recently attended a state-required class on health insurance reporting, which was very expensive for my employer. Most of the attendees were employed by small to mid-sized businesses and non-profits. Also attending the class were five employees from a local school district. These five employees were the only attendees who were Union members. Continually, through the presentation, one of the school district employees would interrupt to share how wonderful their Union benefits were, or how they get double time for overtime pay or all the time off the received, all the while bragging that the Union rep had mediated their demands or they would strike. I couldn't believe their audacity. I finally had enough and so did everyone else. My taxes keep going up because of school bonds and levies. Finally, a brave person stood up and said, and I quote, "You work in my school district. I pay YOUR salary. You get those benefits and pay increases because of me and my neighbors. Because of your big mouths and your gloating, I will NEVER vote yes for a bond or levy, again." With that, we all applauded.

Karma police To the person that got into my car and took all my sunglasses, two, CDs Carol King and Keith Urban and left the cases and a package with two outfits in it for my Grand the family just lost everything in a house fire. KARMA TO YOU! You're on video.

to the Idaho gun-wavers Who felt it necessary to hold a gun waving "counter demonstration" to the High School's peaceful walk outs. You may live in the U.S., but please don't call yourselves Americans. Because all you do is put your selfish wants ahead of the welfare of our nation and children! Also, the right to own a gun is NOT "God given," you ignorant, backward hillbillies!

Cowardly Cops Here's to the Parkland resource officer/ police who were armed, maced, and bullet-proof vested, but took up "defensive positions" outside the school until the shooting died down 4 minutes and 17 deaths later. I would like to hear from our local school districts/law enforcement as to what our plan would be. I say, go on the offense like Trump says he would do. And as far as guns in school, I say give the Vice Principal a hunting rifle with a scope and a vest in a locker in his office and let potential gunmen think about that.

Mending Fences You said you'd do a survey when you told your neighbor about the fence months ago. Why are you threatening the neighbor now with legal costs? It's exciting to buy a house and fix it like you want, but that doesn't excuse your impatience. You've gotten along for a few years with minor differences over barking dogs, etc. Why are you ruining that by accusing your neighbor of being rude when it's you being that way? Do you realize your neighbor who has lived there almost twenty years didn't know part of the fence was in the wrong place? Why are you acting like your neighbor made the mistake? Just because you have to react quickly in your emergency work doesn't mean that's how fast everything else in life gets resolved. You'll get your fence. Keep your word and do a survey. Don't be obnoxious about it. You owe your neighbor an apology.

South Hill Speeder Jeers to the individual speeding south on Grand by Manito Park around 8pm on St. Patrick's Day. I saw you tap your brakes when the speed radar flashed 40mph but am 100% sure you sped up after that. Judging by the sound of your exhaust, you either think speeding is cool or can't afford a new muffler. In either case, your behavior was not only reckless and dangerous but also stupid. The only people who think it's smart to speed on St. Patrick's day are people who are drunk or people who have had too much to drink.

FOOT FLUSHERS to all the inconsiderate people who flush the toilet with the foot instead of the hand. It is called a handle for a reason. Notice... 'Handle' has the word 'hand' in it. One person who cannot follow the basic rules of life, make it bad for the rest of us, who use the hand to flush. Now your foot funk is all over the handle... Basic directions for flushing public toilets... Get a small piece of toilet paper. Place it between the handle and your hand. Flush. Quickly Drop the piece of toilet paper into the toilet as it is flushing... Isn't life grand... ♦

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