I Saw You

Week of March 29

Lyft Ride, C Squad, and A Dog Chase You were my Lyft driver and we chased a dog for a few blocks while it avoided us. I should've invited you in for a drink with me, but I'm an awkward dork. Maybe next time?

EOD, My one and only Guacamole It has been a few years since we happened in the coffee shop. My heart spun out of control upon meeting you. You are still my everything. Given the opportunity, I would stand on the stacks at the Steam Plant and yell it to the world. I Love You!

Safeway on Francis It was Wednesday morning around 8:30 am at the Safeway on Francis, and I couldn't help but notice your beautiful eyes and incredible smile. We were both in the same line at the checkout. I was buying doughnuts for my friends at a coffee shop and you were buying some sort of yogurt/cereal breakfast. We talked for a minute and both congratulated each other on passing tests, I think you said yours was for a business class at Eastern. I'd love to take you out to coffee and get to know you a little better sometime.

Once again ;) First saw you at your work many years ago at Albertson's on 57th, years later we talked while you worked at the Trading Company in the valley, then ran into you at South Hill Zip Trip. You mentioned you were going to Yokes soon comet then a few weeks ago saw you at MacKenzie River South Hill you left before I had a chance to say anything. Pretty sure you might know who I am :-) respond with an email that would be fantastic if possible

Georgia Fan I saw you at Method in downtown this past Saturday. You were very handsome with a sun kissed tan and a Georgia Cap on. When you smiled at me, I melted and you made my day. Your smile is dangerous. Will you be there again Saturday? I can only hope.

Nailed it' with that Smile I loved watching you laugh and smile uncontrollably while watching 'Nailed it' and enjoying nuggets with 'the sauce' .... your giggly chuckle makes my life and that smile is everything I ever dreamed of and more.

Bad cop To the woman working the front desk at one of the jails Saturday 3/31 at 8:10 pm. I was turning a lost wallet in. You picked up the phone and rudely said "what?!" Your literal response: "I don't care," then you hung up on me. Would you care if it was your wallet? What gives you to right to have such a crap attitude? You are the face of a jail, but you're a raging---! You have a terrible attitude, I can tell you are a terrible person, and you judge our loved ones who are incarcerated. Most of them are addicts, yet you don't probably treat them like garbage because you have zero compassion.

Embracing death of middle class To the small business office manager proudly brimming with contempt for public sector employee unions: strip away all the righteous indignation you expressed about government employees being proud of having what USED to be basic employee fringe benefits (paid vacation, paid sick leave, overtime pay - benefits eviscerated by your 'Voodoo Economics' comp time-loving deity Ronnie Reagan's & "W" Bush's demonization of organized labor) and what's left is your hatred of those whose lives aren't as miserable as yours. You've swallowed hook, line & sinker the Repulsivecans' mythic dogma that munificent corporate overlords, large & small, will righteously trickle down upon us living wages & benefits if we merely worship faithfully at the altar of hyper-capitalism predatory profiteering. Just maybe you might want to consider that the middle class is approaching extinction because people like yourself have embraced gullibility every time billionaires bankroll TV ads warning of apocalyptic consequences if we dare to impose progressive state income taxes on the wealthy. The very same progressive income tax system which could dramatically reduce or even eliminate burdensome property taxes (of which only a comparatively small portion pays for government employee benefits). Perhaps, too, you weren't aware that those 'cushy' unionized government jobs really aren't quite as luxuriant as you assume: due to Repulsivecan county commissioners' unwillingness to raise property taxes on the wealthiest real estate holders, virtually EVERY Spokane County government employee (excluding sworn weapon-wielding law enforcement officers) is limited to part-time work - only 37 hours per week, even though they have union representation. That ought to be a national embarrassment for Spokane County residents.

Greedy Parking = No Downtown Taco Truck Our one downtown taco truck has to relocate because a certain parking company increased the rates prohibitively. So long, Tacos. You were an icon and so many people miss you. And the clever STCU billboard (lower rates, more money for tacos) behind where the truck was parked now makes no sense. Where is your sense of community, parking company? You lost a loyal customer in that food truck and your parking lot lost its charm. BOO!!

Horrible Service Jeers to an eatery in east Spokane, horrible service with the 2nd waitress that I got. She asks me how much longer till my 3 year old son and I are finished with our breakfast because they needed to seat a bigger party. My son also likes to take the jelly packets and build with them. Never once had I had a waitress yell at my kid for playing with them. She said that it is food and will have to be thrown out. There was another couple in there with us and I felt embarrassed. I called and talked to a manager who was justifying the asking us when we are finished because they are a 4 star restaurant and they have a lot of people who are waiting. Apparently the people waiting to be seated had waited 20 minutes. Doubt it. Anyways, they have lots my business until they get new owners.

Do YOU speak Decency? In my workplace you asked me if I "spoke English" when I was walking by to assist my coworker, and did not hear a question you had asked. Other customers were in the area, as well as my coworkers, and they were just as appalled as I was. If this is how you spoke to me, I shudder to think of how you dare speak to people of color. You should be ashamed of yourself for thinking that the world revolves around you and your "needs", and rethink how you speak to people. ♦

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