I Saw You

Week of April 5

VERNO THE INFERNO We were talking for a while online...I changed my profile name and have seem to have lost all contact with you. I've been looking for you online ever since with no success. If you read this my new name is greeneyedone. Please contact me, I don't know where else to look

Hey handsome I remember when I saw you in riverfront park on my lunch hour you were waiting for me and we had coffee and lemon water about 4 years ago and we have been through quite the journey. Ups and downs but develop a great best friend and thank you for being here for me through this tough time in my life...you're the best!!! You're sexy

Garlic Fries and Smiles I saw you ordering garlic fries at Safeco during opening weekend. You're from Spokane too! Loved your smile and EWU shades. How about that Ichiro catch? Maybe we can CATCH a game together soon? Garlic fries on me.

The First Time I saw you in the front seat of our friend's car the first time I was going to Mt. Spokane without a parent at 16 years old. I had no idea that I'd end up falling in love with you, raising a child together, and planning a wedding. Interesting what a mutual love of snowboarding can do for people, eh? Xoxo

Friendliest Gamers in Town Thank you to GameStop at West Wellesley! You are my favorite store that I don't even personally shop at. I buy games for my husband every now and then. I have NO CLUE what I'm even looking at or asking for, yet every trip is pleasant, efficient and I leave with a smile on my face. Every employee is helpful and doesn't make me feel stupid for not knowing anything about videogames. He loves the games I get him, and I get to impress him with my newfound game knowledge.

Thank you Cheers to SUNSET GROCERY. You are the heart of your neighborhood. I want to thank and give recognition to all of you. As a customer..I've seen patience, loyalty and understanding... As well as direction, love and stearness. Thank you.. Heidi

To: Embracing Death of Middle Class I must commend you for articulating the way things are now in this country. When Reagan took away the only tax break I had as an outside salesperson, I silently knew that this was the end of fair economic measures for the working class. You laid "it" all out, thanks.

Mike's Old Fashioned Donuts Just discovered this hidden donut gem in the Spokane Valley. While all of their donuts are mouth watering, the Apple fritters are the best I've ever had. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to for my occasional trips to the Spokane Valley.

Value Village! Cheers to Value Village for being awesome and caring about the environment! Thank you for taking away free plastic bags. Maybe Huckleberry's our hippy dippy health food store will take a hint and do the same.

Cell Phone Business For those of you who enjoy doing business on your "smart phone" while dining amidst adjacent people, why don't you just hang up and eat? For many of us, we enjoy going to eat a quiet meal. Amazingly, you don't have any trouble representing your company (private or otherwise) while using loud, coarse, and even vile language. You don't mind at all when your phone sounds an annoying ring and you loudly answer "This is Bob". It's impossible to avoid hearing your ridiculous conversations. To business owners, please know this. When your employee offends me by interrupting my meal with his/her "business" and/or by using crude language, I won't consider your business for anything. I'll also remember the rudeness of your employee and when given the opportunity will tell anyone who asks me if I know anything about the company only that "I wouldn't do business with them". To restaurant owners, please know this. I won't eat at your restaurant again after I have to witness the silliness. Perhaps you should hang up a sign in your restaurant that indicates phone conversations are banned or you could just use a message that perhaps some would understand better. Maybe "Just hang up and eat, idiot!" Millennials are often cited as being tied to their electronic devices and not knowing how to have real conversations. Listening to you fools, who needs one of those? Texting works more effectively and it's quieter.

Spokane Community College The Inlander, Spokesman Review, KHQ, Fox, and KXLY have had multiple stories about Spokane Community College. They have been about computer problems, financial aid problems and president problems. Does that college ever do anything right? If not, maybe it is time for students to look for other options. There are some wonderful colleges close by. They have names like Whitworth, Gonzaga, Washington State University and Eastern Washington University. Maybe go to one of those schools instead.

Right to Life Could I just quietly suggest that those folks who favor passing all sorts of restrictive laws across the country in order to support the Right to Life perspective also please support all sorts of restrictive gun laws to maximize the Right to Life of children, students, and adults across this otherwise great nation? Keep your hunting gear, but for God's sake, let's start clamping down on this rolling calamity in every way possible.

Car Destroyer I saw you. You saw me seeing you. As a mental health therapist I can guess fairly accurately what would motivate someone to be so violent and destroy personal property as you did. I'm heart broken at mans inhumanity to man (woman). I am out time, precious energy and money so you could wreak havoc on my vehicle. You have no idea and I am guessing too damaged yourself to understand the damage you caused. May you be at peace. ♦

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