I Saw You

Week of April 12

You got leather pants, but I got jeans Your pancakes were ok ..the peanut butter saved it...I left in a hurry cause lets be honest I needed to.leave..I just got home and I'm thinking I could use a therapist

Good Deed, Good Dad. I saw you helping 2 adorable little girls pick up a bunch of overturned beads at at Michael's up North on Sunday 4/9-- you were wearing a black athletic shirt and seemed so calm in the storm. I don't know if I could have presented with the patience, love and compassion that you did. I admire you.

Ramen Hottie I saw you at King Ramen on Monday April 2nd -- Your smile lit up the entire room. We ordered nearly the same thing! Aren't they the best? I loved the way the late afternoon light danced around you -- making you seem even more brilliant and positive. Maybe I can buy you a bowl sometime?

Little Red Saw you at Lacy's for the 1st time and i cant stop thonking about you! I wanna see you again.

Good Guy Parking Guide Cheers to the bearded wonder at SCC who helped me maneuver my truck out of a parking spot after some jerk in a jetta parked illegally behind me. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar!

Cheers to the new WALK IN Chiropractic office in North Spokane!!!! I just have to say THANK YOU to Walk In Chiropractic for coming to Spokane!!! It is so hard to get in to see a Chiropractor on the day that you need them, without an appointment, especially as a new patient. With you guys, I can walk in any time! Your doctors know exactly what they are doing, and have made me feel so much better. Not to mention.....your prices are amaaaazing! Thank you for coming to Spokane, we have needed you!!!

Kristin my Uber Eats driver/Dental assistant. Kristin. I hope you and your daughter enjoyed that burrito. I regret not giving you my number or asking you to come back for coffee. My day had been hectic and that 10 minutes with you turned it all around. I couldn't stop thinking about you after you left. It looks like Uber fixed the delivery but I would love to take you out for dinner to make up for that lost trip of yours. You know where I work. COME SEE ME!!

Sopranos in Spokane HUGE cheers to Cassano's Italian Imports on East Mission - my girlfriend and I went for lunch upon a friend's suggestion and fell in love. I haven't had an Italian sandwich like that since I lived in New York, and not to mention the canollis!!! We had such a wonderful time, the staff fed us beyond our request and were a tremendous compliment to all the delicious food.You can't leave without some of their famous homemade marinara, thank you guys so much!!!!

Left wing gun haters First let me say, i do NOT agree with criminals going on shooting sprees. For those who have lost a loved one to a CRIMINAL or mental case with a gun, you have my condolences. But, as far as more gun control, i may not agree that anyone needs an assault rifle for hunting, but can we please stop blaming the guns for the evil things PEOPLE are doing? I do NOT believe that law abiding citizens should lose our right to have/cary a gun because someone else chooses to misuse theirs. According to the F.B.I website, there are more people killed by stabbing, domestic violence and drunk driving (all separately by the way) than are killed by guns. STOP blaming the weapon and hold the PERSON responsible. Guns don't kill people, people do. And they damn sure don't need a gun to do it.

Get out off the passing lane!! It's not a good sign when drivers are driving on the freeway in the passing lane for several miles unknowing to the long line of car's behind them so they are out for a Sunday drive or what? GET OVER unless PASSING read your drivers manual! Get a clue! Wake up out of your slumber. Drive friendly too.... so much cutting in, not letting others in when blinkers on come on just simply follow the rules of the road. Be nice.

Re: Public Sector Unions So let me see if I have this right - you went to one event where one person (or maybe even a few people) who happens to be a union member behaved like a jerk, and now you're down on unions and will never vote yes for a bond or levy again. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. The history of unions definitely has some darker chapters, and they aren't perfect organizations (but then, name me one that is). On the other hand, there are a few nice things that a lot of employees, both union and non-union, happen to enjoy because of the laboring men and women who struggled for workers' rights. So if you like the 8-hour work day and 40-hour work week with overtime pay; having weekends off; being able to send your kids to school instead of off to a factory at 5am where you and they both work a 12-hour day 6 days a week; benefits like paid holidays and vacations, health insurance, parental leave and sick leave, then you have unions to thank. Even non-union workers enjoy those perks, because employers learned pretty quickly that it was better to provide those conditions upfront than risk their workforce trying to unionize. Of course, in recent years the conservatives have managed to convince a lot of working people that unions are only evil and oppressive. Maybe it will take going back to the working conditions of the 1800s to make folks aware of who is really on their side.

Enough with the bright headlights already Do you all really need head lamps that can burn the retinas of oncoming traffic out. sorry but if you can't see with regular headlights maybe you shouldn't be driving.

Freddy Mercury lookalike You are not the person you say you are. I have lost all the respect I had for you as a person. Any trust or confidence I had in you, has been replaced with disgust and resentment. I feel like such a fool for giving you so much of myself, my life, my time and my heart. You are a coward and do not care about anyone other than yourself. You take and take from others to serve your needs and give nothing but damage in return. This is your M.O. and you deserve to be as unhappy and unsuccessful are you are. I see you, now. ♦

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