I Saw You

Week of April 19

Red Room Lounge, 4/6/8: Where did you drop down from? I must see you again. I was the translucent-skinned girl with a companion wearing spikes.

Game Stop:
This is insane but desperate times call for desperate measures. 4-11-18 about 1pm. I saw you walking into Game Stop on the south hill wearing all black, possibly walking in with another guy friend? We've been just outside each other's social circle for ages. Looking for a way to meet you!

Love is thicker than blood: Cheers to my first grandchild! Your entry into this world gave me a new title: Gramma, and at 45, such a welcome new role for me. I met you at 7 minutes old, held you as you crashed into my heart, where you have remained for 10 years. I love you and I miss you everyday. You are my first thought when I wake and I whisper I love you before I go to sleep. Every "crazy arrow" makes me think of you. When I see the moon, find the shapes in the clouds, drive by our pond, I send you love from my heart to yours. When I dream we are flying, I hope you're dreaming we're together, too. I made a promise to you before you were born and I always keep my promises, always. Happy birthday, love. Ten years on the 28th! I'll always be here, waiting with open arms for your return. Love, Gramma. PS: I loved Bearbear and Lion, too.

Clean Up Crew: Cheers to the gorgeous brunette cleaning up the Logan neighborhood by Illinois and Perry. It is my understanding the neighborhood clean up had not arrived yet but you are taking it upon yourself to make your neighborhood a clean place to be. We all could learn from you in that it doesn't take much to pick up a little litter in our neighborhood from time to time to keep it looking good. I hope others are inspired by your hard work and will follow in your footsteps. Thank you for all you have done and keep up the good work!

Trivia question for a cigarette: Cheers to Skyler and his friend at the Holiday on Division and Westview. I was politely loitering sitting at Holiday. Taking a break to chill, but be chilled by the much tempered winds. My intentions were not to be scoured through the judgmental eyes of the Saturday not so happy legitimate customers. Who before seeing me sitting there were already disgusted at the price per gallon they'd have to pay with the change they had to scrounge and dig for out of the many hidden places change seems to find itself. Now relunctanly they see me, whispering to themsves, "oh gosh, not another vagrant panhandler, asking for change." While their grimmacing frowns and fake smiles, the practice in their rearviews at the sight of the needy men and women who ask for change, I simply sit with a true smile quietly as I whisper to myself "oh gosh, look at the fake smile, disgusted selfish judgemental, sterotypocal hyporcrits who put on that face to find I am not asking for nothing..." Suddenly after a few mins, I see a gentleman and his accompanying smoker friend. I decide i will ask this gentleman if he were to ask me a trivia question and I answer correctly if he would so kindly award my knowledge with one of his cigarettes. He obliged. And I unfortunately didn't know that a potato has hair, no legs and is not a fruit... We laughed, I honored my failure. After conversating and laughing at my awkward request for a smoke. Skylar kindly offered to purchase me a pack of smokes. I kindly declined and insisted I wasn't looking for a handout, but he insisted that I take his gift. So I kindly accepted knowing I did need a pack of smokes and that good people do exist and extend a gift to a stranger without prejudice or stereotypical assimptions of another person. So thank you Skyler and Mr. Potato guy. I will pay it forward. The Humble and loitering man

Thank You: For turning in my Credit Card to the folks at Total Wine in the Valley. I didn't realize that it was missing for over a day. When I did notice it missing my heart stopped momentarily thinking of the unwanted bill I would have until I could notify the Bank. I did a quick back track of places I had been and found that some kind person had found it in the parking lot at Total Wine and turned it into those folks. Again THANK YOU so much for the good person you are.

Monroe Street Construction: Cheers to all who continue to patronize Monroe Street merchants during the construction! Let's show these businesses that we appreciate them and want them to be around to benefit from Monroe's new look.

WWII and Vietnam soldiers: I've seen steel eyes with a quiet-calm nature, of soldiers... so today, it's you I thank. You gave up a small part of yourself, with every life that you took. Marriages were lost, pain endured... and limbs, even lives, reduced to a mere commodity. Your dreams were put on a shelf as our nation fought mighty fights that Congress chose to engage. Yet today, Americans can live in a world safe to love, laugh and prosper — so please sir(s) and ma'am(s) realize that as a generation X'er, I am well aware that your actions and sacrifices were consequential. A million thanks, and a million more.

re: Restaurant Cell Phone Talkers: What a brilliant jeer in the last week's Inlander! I became so tired of listing to idiots yell their conversations into the cell phone that I quit eating out entirely. My diet has become much healthier as a result and I don't have to tolerate listening to fools. My recommendation to anyone who doesn't like it is stop going to restaurants that allow the rude behavior to continue. Maybe Spokane restaurants will adapt what other larger cities have done and prohibit obnoxious callers in their places of business, but I doubt it. Lucky for all, we have a choice. Keep talking as much as you want.

We live here ya know: To the person who called parking enforcement to ticket my husbands truck for being a "suspicious broken down vehicle". Shame on you. He was T-boned by an elderly woman who ran a red light. Since the car was in the intersection, the police made the decision to tow it in front of our home. The tow truck driver couldn't maneuver it into our driveway. The insurance adjuster was there two days later to check out the damage and set a tow to a mechanic. It was sitting in front of our house for 2 days! It's not like we're meth heads with a broken down car in the same spot for months. That is his normal parking spot in front of our own damn house! Have some neighborhood courtesy and GROW UP!

Spokane social security office: Please get off your butts and help me. My SS appeal has been stuck in your office for 7 months and I am with food or money. WAKE up Spokane.

Holy Dog Poop: Is it just me or is there a lot of piles of dog mess that is not getting picked up. It is my understanding that it is a law that you are suppose to pick up after you animals when out and about for a walk. Who is enforcing this law and writing tickets for lazy pet owners? Carry bags, not a bag, and pick up after your pet, FFS. I see stations with little poop bags all over the place, use them. Let me tell you it is so frustrating when you are out at the park or on the trail trying to enjoy the day with your children and there is dog crap everywhere, frustration times 10 if the crap is stepped in by myself or one of my kids ahhhh which happens too often. I do not own a dog but you can be sure if I did you would not see me turning a blind eye when my pet is crapping in the middle of the sidewalk, on or near the trail, or on someone's property. Pick it up. You know you are suppose to and any witnesses to this should hold the pet owner accountable as I don't feel this issue is being enforced by authorities. ♦

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