I Saw You

Week of May 3

VERNO THE INFERNO: "Vern, I'm still searching with no luck of finding you. I hope one day you read this so we can connect again. I'm no longer on that site but have tried every other looking for you. Hoping to finger that interstellar relationship you asked me about. That's what I think about most days... Selphy57@gmail.com "

Costco northside girl with blue and red flower jeans: You walked out of the store and I was on my tablet and you said "caught ya texting!" and I said you have a nice Friday and you got into your red van. I went and picked a flower for you but you were just taking off before I got to you. Maybe you can respond and maybe I can give these flowers to your beautiful self in person :)

Costco Cutie: I saw you at the Northside Costco on Saturday. You were sporting a turquoise shirt and a beaming smile. I couldn't help but be impressed by your math skills and patience. Maybe we can grab some samples sometime?

Minnehaha good Samaritan: Upon hiking in the park on 4/20 I managed to lose my drivers license like a responsible adult would. I actually went back to look for it the next day. When I didn't find it I assumed that someone was using it to buy themselves a cold one. But behold! You, the raddest, actually mailed it back to me! You are super! Way to be a homie!


Like the old days: An older child was doing beyond his best trying to keep 3 siblings settled in the waiting room while his Mom was in with the doctor. After food, drink, cartoons on, etc by big brother & the rest of the Moms, you with obvious child training experience sat with them and sang, asked questions, colored, etc and we relaxed in the sounds of happy kids and laughter! Kudos!!! Reminds me of the old times when community was family.

Girl & your rude husband: HEY so girl in pink sweater who came into Zips in Mead and ordered breakfast during a rush on Sunday 27th of April. The employees had already apologized for your food being delayed and plus if you hadn't noticed they were in a RUSH! And then you went on to tell the girl you worked at zips for like 8 years and that you understand! So after you got your food, your rude pr-ck Husband came in and proceeded to yell at the girl about your stupid breakfast and about how they messed up your order. No reason at all for your dumb husband to yell and cuss at the people. Why don't you cook your own bfast and STFU! You people are the worst most disrespectful POS on the planet! >:( Sincerely, A Decent Customer!

If you don't want to dance then stay home: To whoever wrote the Jeers last week about "rude behavior" at concerts....Did you ever stop to think that the people sitting on their asses at a concert and complaining about other people dancing (at a live show!? The nerve!!) might actually be the ones who are acting a little disrespectful? To just sit there and not dance is an insult to the musicians and to scorn others for cutting loose, that is just plain sad. Stay home next time, spoilsport.

Re: crosswalks aren't optional: Thank you for the intelligent comment. As you obviously know, Spokane is filled with people of low intelligence. Despite the laws, they continue to talk on their phones while driving because they don't have the mental capacity to understand the laws or the many news reports regarding the laws. Unfortunately these amazingly stupid people will continue to kill people via vehicular homicide and then they can spend the rest of their lives in prison with equally low intelligence people like the fool Bill Cosby.

Firebug Smokers: I'm not going to tell anyone to stop smoking - that's your business. But please, PLEASE stop putting your butts out in flower planters! Yet again, someone set one of the planters at my workplace on FIRE with their butts. Planter soil has a lot of dry peat in it, doesn't take much to set it smouldering. It wouldn't break my heart if you all started vaping. Thank you!

time wasted For 2 months: I drove over to see you and take you out for dinner and drinks. Not once did I ask you to pay, I was glad to spend time with you. When you told me you bought dinner for a couple of friends on a couple of different occasions, it bothered me a little, but I didn't say anything. I asked you to meet my sis and go to church with me. If you didn't feel a connection, why didn't you say something earlier. Well, I still have my pics of logs in my phone. HA! Your'e not a very nice person. R

Re: Rude Behavior/No Respect, Manners: The reason people stand/dance at a concert is because it's a CONCERT. Maybe you should try a Broadway show, opera, or ballet instead. Dancing, whether good or with no rhythm, is a great stress reliever, burns calories, and believe it or not, the musicians feed off and APPRECIATE IT! For some of us, music moves our soul and our body just follows. If you want to sit on your butt, buy a nosebleed seat and take your binoculars or stay home on your couch. FYI, this Gen-Xer will stand/dance as long as my body allows me to.

Dock Teacher's Pay: I would get fired if I just up and walked out of my job because I was protesting something. As a taxpayer, why am I paying a teacher's salary when they aren't teaching? If the students walk out in protest, then all the teachers of the area high schools should be docked pay. They are there to teach, not to support a student walk out.

Does Spokane Hate Good Sandwiches?: Jeers to whoever isn't fulfilling my deep-seated need for a Potbelly Sandwich Shop in Spokane. It doesn't make sense why you don't get going on that franchise paperwork, but you're killing me. Just get it done, please. If I don't get a Potbelly's Chicken Salad Sandwich soon, I just don't know. I really don't. ♦

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