I Saw You

Week of May 10

Diesel Miss you freckles: Have you heard about the guy who drowned at Palouse Falls where our names are written?

My Italian Sugar: Seems like only yesterday that I saw someone wrote about me in the Inlander. A couple months later, on our second date, I discovered it was you who wrote it! (then you wrote again for our One Month dating) Now, here we are, going to celebrate four years marriage this Oct, and our son turning two in August. But we have so much more than a house payment together. We have a connection I have been searching for, like parts of a puzzle. You make me laugh when I don't want to, feel safe and loved. I only hope and try to make you feel as awesome as you make me feel. Thank you for all you do, and sharing your smile with me everyday. Love you to the Stars and Back. Your Cosmic Girl

Farm boy: From outdoor summer movie to Q&A's to days painting and planting trees together in backyard. You have brought so much happiness into my life. I love seeing the joy and laughter you bring to the boys' lives. Your determination and watching you grow inspires me. Never give up! ~Buttercup

Bloomsday Committee: For so long the seniors @ Cathedral Plaza dreaded Bloomsday because of the "metal" band music perched on the corner of Riverside & Jefferson. We asked for a change & the Bloomsday Committee obliged, they gave us a great sounding rock & roll band. Thanks!

Healing Heart: There isn't a day that I don't somehow turn to you for strength. I know that must be a burden - shouldering my load and your own. Your empathic nature makes it something that is almost effortless - but I see the pain you burden. I am sorry to cause you any difficulty and I only want to you to know that every day with you makes my life better, easier, safer and happier. You are the healing heart I never knew I needed and always wanted - you are the compassionate, dedicated leader and best friend that I searched for my whole life. I don't know what I would do without you. I appreciate you, in everything you do and say and I love you deeper with every moment.

Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday to my baby sister, Emy! I love you so much and I am so soo very proud of you - you are so talented, strong, intelligent and beautiful. <3 Sisi

[Insert Rocky Dance gif]: "Sean. CONGRATULATIONS ON GRADUATING (x2)! So very proud of you! Can't wait to see what types of successes your future holds. Cheers to your next adventure! PS: I'm trying to sneakily write this as you're next to me, being extra cautious not to have any grammatical or spelling mistakes."

I wasn't "on my phone": Jeers to the jerk that commented that I should be off my phone and engaging whilst out to dinner with my daughter. I get it: Damned kids and their phones! It's an old gripe. But had you so much as glanced at the phone I was tapping, you'd notice that it was asking what symptoms I was experiencing. You probably didn't notice the slight bulge from my blouse - I have taken care to hide it. That bulge is a heart monitor. When I press a button, it sends a signal to the very phone you scoffed at. I then tap in what symptoms I'm experiencing so that my cardiologist can evaluate it at a later time. That is what I was doing - tapping in my symptoms. I wasn't ignoring my daughter, as you so contemptuously said. I was paying attention, albeit briefly, to my health. Dear sir, the next time you sneer in superiority at someone on their phone, why don't you take just a millisecond to evaluate the circumstances? Have the day karma feels you are entitled to.

Worst Radio Station: Ever When I heard that a new radio station was coming to Spokane I was excited. I was getting so tired of the mind numbing, auto-tuned drivel that came out of the other radio stations here and I was ready to hear something at least a little different. Well... it's been a disappointment. Sure, you play a couple songs that are different. Every once in a while I find myself enjoying a song or two played on your station, only to be let down. You guys play the same ten songs over and over and over and over... If I have to hear that damn Rise Against song one more time on both my drive to work and my drive home I might rip my car stereo directly out of the dash of my car. And don't even get me started on how often you play that one Portugal. The Man song, you know the one that the top 40 stations have been blasting since last June? There is nothing new or different about you, you are just another annoying station that can only seem to play the same soul sucking gibberish that every other Spokane radio station plays with occasional Nirvana song mixed in and then dare to call your station new and different.

Honking Motorist: To the honking motorist on East Sprague Wednesday May 2 after 5 pm. Me, the cyclist in the right lane. I find it interesting that you chose to drive right up behind me and then honk as you sped past in your white SUV. The left lane was entirely clear, I was not impeding your ability to go by. In case you didn't know, it is illegal for me as a cyclist to ride on the sidewalk. The section of East Sprague doesn't have a bike lane. It is called 'sharing the road'. Do not paint all cyclists with the same brush. I am a considerate cyclist. I do not take up the entire lane and use hand signals at all times, stop at lights and four-way stops. I will not paint people in vehicles with the same brush and think they are like you. Most people do not put me in danger when I am cycling but it only takes one person like you cause another bicycle fatality in Spokane. Please consider your actions the next time you see a cyclist in your lane. We own homes and pay taxes. I choose to ride my bicycle - I don't have to, I have a car and a motorcycle. I do it for my health and the joy it brings me. ♦

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