From the Bearded Mt. Dew Guy I walked into Subway during my lunch break with several co-workers and laid eyes on you immediately... The whole time you were laughing and seemingly having a great time with your friend and I was trying my hardest not to stare the whole time. We had a couple brief moments of eye contact while I was taking bashful little peeks your way. When I was walking back to my truck I looked back, you were looking my way and had the biggest most beautiful smile on your face. Everything inside of me was telling me to go up and talk to you, but given that you were with your friend and I with my co-workers my shyness got the better of me... Then we were heading the same way north on Argonne for awhile and I literally almost jumped out at the light to ran up and say hi and ask if you wanted to talk sometime. I'm kicking myself for not stepping up. I know it's a long shot but if you read this I hope at least it puts a smile on your face and maybe... just maybe there is some way to connect through this. I will say that if I ever happen to see you again I will not make the same mistake twice! P.S. I never would have ever thought I would do one of these I Saw You type things...

#SpokaneSometimesSucks Hey I DIDN'T see you the other day but wish I had. I was walking out to my car and was talking to my mother over the phone when I saw my car's back door open. All of my tools were stolen as well as important paperwork I keep in my glove box for my car and other things. It's ok, I only needed those for my job that I work on planes with. When I saw this I quickly started cursing and accidentally taught my 5 year old niece new "sentence enhancers," sorry Amber. I hope those tools you stole were worth the $20 you got at the pawn shop or drug dealer so you can buy crack. I am offended though, of all the things you stole, you left all my CDs. Are you saying I have bad taste in music? I'll have you know I listen to Katy Perry all day without shame. But... you really did help me out though. I was just thinking the other day "If only there was a way to make my life a lot harder." You're like my douchey fairy godfather from Felony Flats. Thanks for granting my wish! I wonder if I'll see my Kobalt 227 piece tool set (big blue tool set with 3 tiers) out on the streets some time. Maybe I'll find you there too. Until then, love you, have a great life!

El Diablo with the gorgeous eyes! I saw you. Pouring drinks for a few patrons at a local pub. I was the one admiring your smile and one dimple. That laugh is so genuine and contagious! Would love to meet up for drinks sometime. Tequila?

Irish Setter South Hill Hi. About 9 years ago I gave my Irish Setter (Sophie) to a really nice couple on the South Hill, near Manito Park, since I was moving to San Diego. I am back up in Spokane for a bit and was hoping I could see Sophie for a few minutes, just to say hi. My email is Thank you, Brian.

Phone savior Thank you for returning my phone! You spotted it in the street and kindly collected it, keeping it safe until I could pick it up from you (at the Rosauers). It was a great feeling to know there are considerate honest people out there!

Cheers to Dr. Simon Prosser DDS The agony of knowing I had to have a root canal was so much worse than the actual process. Cheers to Dr. Simon Prosser, DDS and his office staff, due to tranquilizers and nitrous oxide, the procedure could not have been better. My fear of the process was totally unnecessary! It's nice to have a dentist and staff like them to deal with the icky things in life. THANK YOU!

Entitled park-goer Normally, before I leave the house I make sure to grab my "be everywhere at once" spray. It definitely comes in handy as a mom with kids. Unfortunately though, on Sunday, I left it at home, so when you wanted to get in to the parking space next to mine, I had no idea because I was on the other side trying to buckle my infant in. You know... safety first. So my other child was waiting politely for me to buckle her also. The door was open because kids shouldn't shut doors themselves until they are old enough, you know, little fingers and all. So you took it upon yourself to put the booster that had fallen out and shut the door. I'm sure your motives were so selfless, walking through the park from a different starting point is OBVIOUSLY out of the question. I definitely thought letting your unleashed dog run around the parking lot and take a giant poop next to me was very motivating. Leaving his poop there was fantastic. I'm sure there will definitely not be any children getting their shoes covered with that steamy pile of love. In the future I will definitely remember my super spray so I can be everywhere at once. Maybe in the future, you could kindly keep your grubby hands off my stuff and my car and keep your distance from my kids. Your Prius gets really good gas milage, I'm sure waiting 30 more seconds won't be that terrible.

Shameful tipping I have watched the back and forth about tipping... I have worked in restaurants in several capacities, I was usually a well liked employee and customers seemed to feel the same... But lately, I have seen alot more restaurant employees remark: if you can't tip or tip well STAY HOME... News flash... you're not special and neither is your job. No other job assumes the customer should make up the wages of the employees. You should be paid the same wages as everyone else and NO tipping allowed. No customer should ever feel they are worthless because you are working a job that pays less. I have heard many people remark they feel almost panicky because the wait staff will be mad if they can't afford to leave more. Customers can be a pain for many reasons, so can the wait staff. I have turned employees in for messing with people's food because they were unhappy with them for one reason or another. People are often afraid to ask for stuff to be fixed for those reasons. Employers should be made to pay regular wages, and tipping should NOT be allowed. Most of you don't work hard enough to deserve what you do get. Go to school and get a career if you want better money, like the rest of us... Shameful. ♦

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