Idaho teachers dress as wall/Mexicans, Inlander digs into Spokesman endorsements, and other headlines

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The endorsements at the Spokesman-Review are the views of only one man: their wealthy publisher.


Another brick in the wall
Bad idea: Dressing up as Trump's wall with your fellow Idaho elementary school teachers.
Worse idea: Having the other elementary school teachers also dress up in stereotypical Mexican costumes.
Worst idea: Posting the whole thing out on the district Facebook page. (KTVB)

Donors regret giving to Rep. Matt Shea, who's always been like this

AT&T, Washington REALTORS, welcome to the Matt Shea beat.  (Spokesman-Review)

Stabbing in the dark
A 35-year-old man who stabbed three people with a knife has been arrested. (Spokesman-Review)

The boom continues
The economy adds 250,000 new jobs, which is why the president is focused on the ec— oh, wait, he's trying to scare people about immigrants. (New York Times)

Coulda picked Cathy
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke may have broken federal rules, after making decisions that may have helped himself. (Washington Post)

Turnout gets turnt
Many states have already outpaced their early voter counts from 2014. (New York Times)

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