In an era of high-potency cannabis, a mild high remains possible

click to enlarge Wanna feel less high? 
Try a one-hitter pipe.
Wanna feel less high? Try a one-hitter pipe.

Today's cannabis market is inundated with ways to get as stoned as possible, but that's not always fun. Sometimes you might want a more low-key buzz. You might want something that allows you to be stoned without coming across as stereotypically so. Here are three ways to catch a buzz fit for a weeknight, when you might want the relaxation but also to stay in touch with reality.


There is a satisfaction that comes from smoking an entire joint. In part, that satisfaction comes from the fact that joints are meant to be single servings. You light one, enjoy it to the end, and that's it. But as THC concentrations race beyond 20 percent, there are now a ton of prerolls for sale on the legal market that could knock even experienced smokers down for the count. You could always smoke half of a full joint, but then you have half a joint left over stinking up the place.

The solution is asking your budtender for half-gram prerolls. Most are sold by the gram, but packaged into two half-gram prerolls. They're perfect for someone looking to enjoy the full joint experience, without experiencing an excessive high.


Preroll joints present a unique problem, in that they're packaged to be consumed entirely as is. Maybe you know that they have simply too much cannabis for your taste, so you instead opt for flower for a pipe. Fair enough, but pipe bowls can be quite large, too. Enter, the one-hitter. Also known as a chillum, these are small pipes that look like straight cylindrical tubes. On one end goes a small bit of flower, and on the other your mouth. They don't hold as much as a regular pipe, meaning you can take just one hit if you so desire. They're perfect for dialing in the exact level of high that you're looking for without leaving unsmoked flower in the bowl.


Edibles with a ratio of one part THC to one part CBD might seem like the ideal for getting high, but CBD has been shown to counteract some of the high-inducing properties of THC. So, if you consume edibles with a one-to-one ratio of those two chemicals, you'll wind up less stoned than you would based simply on the THC content. Higher CBD to THC ratios, like one-to-one, enhance effects of CBD while somewhat tamping down the effects of THC, leading to more of a therapeutic, but less stoned, feeling. They'll still get you high, though. ♦

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