IRW 2020: Delicious abundance
Spencer's za'atar-dusted lamb chops

We know the feeling. Picking up the official Inlander Restaurant Week guide for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. After all, there are more than 120 three-course menus in here! The good news we can promise you, however, is that there's something for everyone, from the most elegant fine dining experiences to entirely gluten-free menus, comforting pub fare to fully plant-based dishes.

After your hungry eyes are done browsing said menus, make sure to check out our featured chef Q&As, learn how Restaurant Week helps feed those in need and skim through the local events and activities coinciding with this year's dining extravaganza.

Now, where are you going?

Our list, too, is long. All of us have to make some tough choices, because unfortunately, Restaurant Week is just 10 delicious days, Feb. 20-29. After it's over, though, we hope diners also consider trying many of the eateries featured here based on the appealing dishes they've curated to create a cohesive, diverse and tasty three-course menu of just nine things their kitchens do really, really well.

As so many local business owners and chefs have told us over the past seven Restaurant Weeks, they love getting to introduce themselves to you, and they're sending out their best efforts to make sure you're impressed, tell your friends and come back. Get your pen out and start making a list, don't forget reservations and to make a night of it, because Restaurant Week 2020 is unquestionably full of amazing flavors, dishes, memories and all-around local goodness.


You'll see this phrase, or its English translation — fixed price — repeatedly during Inlander Restaurant Week. Essentially, this means that there's a flat fee for your meal — either $22 or $33 depending on the restaurant — and you get to pick from three different options for each of three courses. But don't worry; if you want a tried-and-true favorite from the standard menu, restaurants will have their regular menus available.


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