This is a past event.

International Guitar Night

Not all acoustic guitars are created equal. Same goes for the people who play them. In the wrong hands, it’s an instrument that ruins brunch. In the right hands β€” like those of the featured players for International Guitar Night at the Bing β€” it can evoke a range of emotions and bring a world of sound to your ears through the mere plucking and strumming of its strings. The four guitarists coming to Spokane for this night of acoustic treats are Lulo Reinhardt (great-nephew of jazz legend Django Reinhardt and likewise inclined toward Gypsy rhythms); Debashish Bhattacharya (a master of Indian raga music); Luca Stricagnoli (a young, fleet-fingered master of a variety of styles); and Chrystian Dozza (an award-winning Brazilian player well-versed in South American music).

— Dan Nailen

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