It's Always Worth the Wait

The journal entries of a ski bum waiting for the season to start

It's Always Worth the Wait
Jim Campbell
"Dear Diary ... I'm growing impatient..."

14 days until opening day

I put my ski pants on today. While I can still zip them up, sitting on a chairlift with thick base layers might be a problem. Time to overdose on lunges and crunches for the next 14 days. Wow, I must have had a fun summer.

12 days until opening day

Less than two weeks until opening day. It's raining, cold and all motivation has been lost to do anything except my mandatory crunches and lunges and watch old ski movies. Maybe I'll put my ski pants on as a reminder as to why I shouldn't drink PBR while watching them.

7 days until opening day

I decided to try to find my gear that I forgot I bought at the end of last season. Found two gloves, but they're both left-handed — now I'm remembering that end-of-the-year of celebration. That was so much fun, although I think I might have sacrificed my right gloves. Never mind: found them in my boot bag. Oh, and the ski socks I was wearing that day are in there too. Probably should wash those... Found my goggles, but where's my helmet?

6 days until opening day

Whoa! I just put my ski boots on for the first time since closing day. How do these ever feel comfortable? In an attempt to make them a little easier to put on, I walked around the house and got a glare from the dog as I walked by as gracefully as Frankenstein. How can 110 flex boots feel so good in January but so horrible in November?

5 days until opening day

Just checked the tracking for my new skis. I've checked five times a day for the past week, and the system still says "Processing Order." Why does it take so long to process? It's easy. Receive the order, put it in a box and ship it.

4 days until opening day

Woke up this morning and tracked the new skis again. "On truck for delivery" — looks like I'm stalking the UPS man today.

Later in the day:

4 days until opening day

I have new skis! The best feeling in the world — or so it seems for a couple of weeks, anyway. Time to bust out the Pendleton whiskey and PBR for the ceremonial first waxing of the new boards.

2 days until opening day

My car is packed and I'm ready! I just can't wait! Two 'sleeps away' from the best time of the year.

Opening Day eve

I took today off from lunges and crunches in hopes of not having legs that are too fatigued, but who I am kidding: I'll be sore for sure. Tomorrow is the day. Can't sleep.

Opening day

My alarm was set for 5:30. It's 4. I'm up like a kid on Christmas morning. I've been waiting almost 230 days for this... time to go ski! ♦

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