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Caitlin Ryan
Tyler Smith

When smoking cannabis, blood flowing to your brain attaches to cannabinoid receptors, which causes them to release dopamine and endorphins. The process creates a feeling of detachment from self-perspective, merriment and what can only be described as reflexive laughter. This explains why the marriage between pot and comedy has been going strong for all of these years.

So why not pair your greenery with a few laughs, brought on by the traveling weed comedy showcase The Dope Show. Host Tyler Smith will conduct a challenge for comedians, as they perform two sets over the course of a night — one sober, one after a smoke session. The joke tellers will be challenged to try and replicate their earlier sets; easier said than done in their weed-fogged sets. Enjoy a night of laughs as comics attempt to battle their cannabinoid-induced states for what should be a back-and-forth, laugh-inducing night.

The Dope Show • Sun, April 30 at 8 pm • 21+ • $15/$25 • Spokane Comedy Club • 315 W. Sprague • • 318-9998

Bloomsday 2020 @ Spokane

Through Sept. 27
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