Justice Department agrees to hand over Mueller evidence, Ferguson sues over Spokane River, and other headlines

click to enlarge Attorney General William Barr at the “First Step Act Celebration” at the White House in Washington, April 1, 2019. - SARAH SILBIGER/THE NEW YORK TIMES
Sarah Silbiger/The New York Times
Attorney General William Barr at the “First Step Act Celebration” at the White House in Washington, April 1, 2019.

NEWS: After weeks of negotiations, the U.S. Justice Department has agreed to hand over evidence gathered by former special counsel Robert Muller during his investigation into whether Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign colluded with Russia to the House Judiciary Committee. (New York Times)

NEWS: Author Dahr Jamail talks with Samantha Wohlfeil on his new book, The End of Ice, which explores the likely irreversible consequences of climate change — such the literal disappearance of ice — and serves as a call to action.


Monolithic control
In yet another symbol of America's increasing political segmentation and division, all but one state legislature in the country today is dominated by a single political party. (New York Times)

Blowing smoke?
Despite Mexican officials conveying publicly that their commitment to taking new measures to crack down on the flow of Central American migrants to the U.S.-Mexico border was hashed out months in advance, President Donald Trump is still framing his threat of enacting tariffs on wide swaths of Mexican imports as a winning strategy. (New York Times)

Going to bat for Spokane H2O
Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson is, yet again, suing the Trump administration in a new lawsuit — this time arguing that the Environmental Protection Agency is violating federal law by relaxing rules governing pollutant levels in the Spokane River. (Spokesman-Review)

Ticketing relief
The Spokane City Council is considering an ordinance that would allow car owners to leave their cars parked outside of their homes for 72 hours instead of 24 hours to help cut down on the number of parking tickets that get handed out. (Spokesman-Review)

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