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Three edibles to tide you through the summer heat

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Forget the chocolates — here are yummy treats to beat the heat.


t’s been really hot lately. Like, turn your edibles into meltables hot. Candies, chocolates and chews are some of the most popular kinds of infused foods out there, but they’re all particularly susceptible to melting in the heat. While those products dominate edible sections at cannabis stores, they aren’t the only ones on the shelves.

Here are three to try that you won’t have to worry about melting on the trip back from the store.


One of the leaders in the nontraditional infused product market, Vancouver, Washington’s Fairwinds makes everything from inhalers to suppositories, but it’s their tinctures that are most widely available locally. Whether you’re looking for something CBD-forward, something high in THC or something in between, Fairwinds’ line of tinctures has something for everyone.

Being that it’s a tincture, the products are naturally hot-weather-resistant. Some are even heat-inducing, like their sriracha tincture that packs a 6,000 scoville unit punch. Jalapeños, for comparison, max out around 8,000 scoville units. If you’re someone who hasn’t been able to get enough of this heat, maybe that’s the product for you.


Savory snacks can save the day during a heat wave when sweet snacks would melt away. Chocolate covered pretzels? Not this time of year.

June’s Pretzels from Smokey Point Productions offer eight different flavors, like salt and vinegar or jalapeño ranch, that would fit right in on the chip aisle at the grocery store. Which means, no candy coating to worry about melting off onto the bag or your fingers. They come in packs of 10, with each individual pretzel delivering 10mg of THC.

They’re available at most dispensaries around the region, but not every store carries every flavor. Leafly’s online menu tool is a great way to find the flavor you want, and locate where it’s in stock, before you go.


Northwest Cannabis Solutions’ Left-Handed brand of seasonings is perhaps the most versatile edible on the market. With four products — salt, sugar, cinnamon and sugar, and ramen seasoning — all infused with 10mg of THC per serving, Left-Handed offerings are equal parts edible and ingredient.

Making dinner on the grill? Finish it off with some infused salt. Pouring a glass of lemonade on a hot day? Sweeten it with some infused sugar. Eating hot soup in the middle of summer for some reason? Throw in the infused ramen seasoning, I guess.

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