Kettle Falls police chief's guns still missing, Trump rejects end to shutdown, and other headlines


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St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office
Guns stolen from police chief still missing
When someone stole 29 guns from the Kettle Falls police chief, he didn't report it to other law enforcement officials at first. Instead, he tried for a while to investigate on his own, but the case has recently taken turns that involve an ex-girlfriend, the court system and a continued search for the missing weapons, the Spokesman-Review reports.

Former Spokane Valley firefighter wins free speech settlement
A former Spokane Valley firefighter fired after using his work email to send religious anti-suicide messages and set up meetings has reached a more than $900,000 settlement with the department, KXLY reports.

Trump rejects temporary reopening plan
As the shutdown enters its fourth week, President Trump turned down a plan to temporarily reopen the government that was put forward by Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, the New York Times reports.

Washington bounty hunters can break and enter with little training
The Seattle Times' watchdog team highlights an interesting issue: Bounty Hunters looking for people who skipped out on bail or court dates are allowed to break and enter homes, but may have very little training, which can lead to dangerous situations. 

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