This is a past event.

Kung Fu Vinyl, Jaeda, Matisse, Briscoe, Savvy Rae

Right before this year’s Volume Music Festival, the reggae-rap-rock fusion band KALAJ abruptly announced its dissolution. But some of its members immediately picked up the pieces and started Kung Fu Vinyl, which continues that original project’s genre-blending sound, with two MCs spitting bars while backed by a jammin’ rock quartet. Don’t be surprised if you hear a mean saxophone lick every once in awhile. Kung Fu Vinyl will be joined on the Bartlett’s stage by some of the region’s prominent hip-hop voices — Jaeda, Matisse, Briscoe and Savvy Rae — for a night that’ll add some extra beat to your holiday celebrations. Fingers crossed somebody covers Run-DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis.”

— Nathan Weinbender