Laguna Café

COVID-19 Notes: Hours Tue-Sat 11:30 am - 7 pm. Call in order for pick-up at drive-thru window. We will give a pick up time (usually 15-20 mins), slightly longer for larger orders. Advance ordering available. Order before we open by leaving your name and number for call back. $10 off wine to-go with a "reverse corkage" fee.

After eight and a half years on Regal Street, Laguna’s owners decided it was time to move the cafe to a larger space, while keeping all the other aspects of Laguna as much the same as possible. The new location (as of mid-2015) on East 29th Avenue in the Grapetree Village Shopping Center offers additional seating space, a full bar, more parking and a bigger patio, while retaining a drive-through. Laguna's menu of mostly burgers, filet mignon, ribs and salads has remained the same, but there are plans to make some additions to it now that the new location is officially open.

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