Legalized marijuana continues to gain in the U.S., 12 dead in CA bar shooting, and other headlines


Attorney General Jeff Sessions was asked to resign by President Donald Trump the day after Democrats won the House.

NEWS: There was a lot of hype in the national media about Paulette Jordan, Idaho Democratic candidate for governor. But she didn't even come close to winning.


So... what now?

If the midterm election was a referendum on Trump, then the next biggest question is "what does it mean for him?" For starters, it'll mean playing nice with the people he's spent the past few months gleefully disparaging. (BBC)

Stay scrappy, Idaho Dems
Has Idaho completely forsaken Democrats? No. In fact, they even have some good news: They flipped two seats in Ada County (Boise) and voters favored Medicaid expansion. (Idaho Statesman)

California mass shooting
Twelve are dead after a shooting spree in a California bar.

Borking up the wrong tree
The special counsel Robert Mueller must be protected by Congress, but also by the next attorney general, a New York Times opinion article reads. The writers cite, of all people, President Nixon's Attorney General Robert Bork for providing orders to protect a Watergate prosecutor.

4:20 4 Michigan
Add Michigan to the list of states with legalized weed. More from the Detroit Metro Times.

Michigan wasn't the only state to vote on weed. VICE has a nice rundown here. Utah and Missouri both approved medicinal marijuana. 

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