Just as a seed may struggle to sprout and take root in the crack of a sidewalk, we may struggle with challenges that seem determined to keep us from blossoming. But what if instead of being stymied, we looked at every challenge as an opportunity to help us grow? Regardless of the outcome, the key is to make sure we face challenges, head on.

So address your challenge in a space of empowerment, rather than in powerlessness. And just like the seed taking hold in the crack of the sidewalk, you’ll find that facing challenges creates powerful, even unexpected, momentum.

Don’t forget, without nutrients — food and water — the sprouted seed will wither and never blossom. Similarly, we need to nurture ourselves, foster expansion and capitalize on our momentum. Growth is as important to our minds as it is to other living organisms, and without proper attention and feeding, we may never blossom into our full potential.

For this spring, think what it would be like to take a powerful look at all of your challenges; instead of dreading them, think of them as opportunities to grow.

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