Letter to the Editor

Dems Can’t Afford to Have Hillary

In response to “Almost Ready to Call It” (7/17): Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton won’t be president because many powerful politicians would lose with Hillary at the top of the ballot. She stirs and energizes the far right, and every hillbilly, hick, right-wing tin-foiled-hat nut job would come crawling out from under their rocks, out of their trailers, or come down the mountains just to vote against her, and vote a straight Republican ticket. You need only to mention her name and you see a Republican foam at the mouth like a rabid dog. This would swing elections and remove Democrats from political power outside the White House. However, it isn’t just the far right; much of mainstream America is indifferent to the Clintons and crave a new flavor of politics.

A well-known truth is that the most important thing to people in power is that they stay in power. Therefore, Democrats in power will choose someone else. They will not openly oppose Hillary, but they will covertly adopt and support an alternative.

But if not Hillary, then who? Sen. Elizabeth Warren. She meets all the criteria of someone most people are craving; a woman, popular, likable, fairly well known but not an old dog, a loyal Democrat, a good public speaker, intelligent, and little baggage or connection to the Clinton or Obama Administrations. She would deliver more votes and not draw the same fire on all Democrats.

The 2016 election will go down exactly like it did in 2008, only with Warren playing the role of Obama.

Donovan J. Arnold

Spokane Valley, Wash.

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