I find your paper a source of information when the Cowles have a vested interest in not providing the news/information to the public. Thank you for your coverage of the local city government.

Many people have come to the conclusion that Steve Eugster's relentless search for the truth and his unwillingness to accept the city staff's answers and presentations as the gospel is a bad thing. I for one do not think so. I think that if the citizens of Spokane had Steve on the council at the beginning of the "private-public partnership" of River Park Square that the City of Spokane would not be in the financial bind in which it finds itself today.

Why don't you step up and look into the recent revelations of the money that went to Nordstom from the Cowles, to keep the retailer from moving out of downtown and up to Northtown? That $15-$25 million could well have been spent on any number of improvement projects to revitalize not only the downtown but the rest of the city as well.

To Cherie Rogers credit she's one that believes that the truth will set you free. I found your tongue-in-cheek endorsement of her to be less than it could have been.

Donald H. Skaufel

Spokane, Wash.

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