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Herold Too Kind -- I read Robert Herold's editorial about Bush ("Bush at Bay," 11/28/02), and while I enjoyed it, I do feel that there are a few things that need to be pointed out.

Bush prefers that other people direct the band while he meets the public and make speeches from some kind of script. His verbal gaffes are legendary on that score.

Until 9/11, Bush was all for Star Wars, deciding that if he ignored terrorism long enough, it would all go away -- from what I hear, even to making deals with those very people who harbored Al Qaeda in the first place, the Taliban. Domestic issues and Star Wars would come first. Then 9/11 and terrorism would come first, even before we discussed a worsening economy. Then Al Qaeda is shoved aside in favor of Iraq, just in time for an election year.

Now that the weapons inspectors are hard at work, it is time to move onto other unfinished business. At least until the next little crisis pops up, that is. Wouldn't that be more characteristic of a fellow who has no discipline, whose approach to life is that of a scatterbrain? He doesn't commit to see things through, he gets a project started, stops and starts another one. Even a guy who is fiery, impatient and runs on instincts will row a boat into the middle of the lake, sit there and catch fish, and return to shore. He will not prepare to go fishing, load his truck and boat and then madly take off and go ride a bicycle for a while.

Finally, a fellow who is prepared to be cavalier to his fellow citizens doesn't have the excuse of being "fiery, impatient, and running on instincts." The proper definition for a person with that kind of attitude is "a jerk." Only a jerk wouldn't give a damn if his "best policies" might be more harmful than helpful. You are being much too kind to a fellow who doesn't deserve it.

Joan E. Harman

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Ship Hanford to Iraq -- Regarding the persistent vexation known as the Hanford cleanup, I propose the United States mitigate North America's greatest environmental hazard thusly: Remove with really big shovels the 177 underground storage tanks and surreptitiously spirit them off to Iraq via aircraft carrier(s).

If among one or more of the tanks there is any room, allow the cops to top them off with the residual garbage from busted meth labs. Once strategically placed, have UN weapons inspectors trip over the tanks and deem Iraq in violation of United Nations sanctions prohibiting the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction. Shortly thereafter, nuke Iraq and allow Al Gore, via e-mail on his invention known as the Internet, to claim to have single-handedly saved the environment.

Consequently, the tainted southerly winds will also serve as a payback of sorts regarding Saudi Arabia's responsibility for that big hole at the south end of Manhattan.

Robert Glenn

Spokane, Wash.

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