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Dump the Patriot Act -- The question that we all have to ask ourselves in America is this: Will the Patriot Act, with all its civil rights infringements, really deter another attack on the United States, any of her interests abroad, or any of her people? Will any law, decree, or threat deter those determined to raise hell and destruction?

Look at the Middle East. How can anyone here say that we can implement laws and devices that will ensure our safety? How can anyone say that we can prevent Americans' lives from being extinguished in a blink of an eye, either here or abroad?

9/11 was a world tragedy. It was mankind's Pearl Harbor. Not only were American lives lost, but also the lives of people from other countries. Shall we let the terrorists place another "X" in the win column by instilling suspicion among us? Must we now all look at each other with a sense of concern?

Get rid of the Patriot Act before it does us all in.

Jose Ocasio

Spokane, Wash.

Common "Special" Interests -- Should newspapers stop feigning objectivity in endorsing political candidates? Spokane's last mayoral race deserves reflection.

Talbott, Rodgers and the two Steves were undoing political machinery that led to the River Park Square issues -- i.e., a back-room mentality, filtered news monopolies, buttressing Jim Sloane legal-types of royal guards. Candidates were treated more than fair at first, only to be torpedoed in the eleventh hour by controlled media. Independent underdogs saw that special interests and big money took second seats to good, honest grassroots voter support. This produced news and editorial changes. Let's not digress now.

Could Tom Grant's altruistic, volunteer-based management style be endorsed by arch-rivals? Should a rubber-stamp endorsement of Jim West's bare-knuckle special interest groups be repeated with the longevity issue? Would John Powers receive an endorsement after vetoing the lending-of-parking-revenues vote? Wouldn't it be more like a kiss of death if Steve Corker kissed and made up enough with the convention expansion vote to receive an endorsement? Could Sheri Barnard's economic development policy of free parking downtown be in conflict with any non-media property investments of endorsers? Shoppers vote. Forget about dwarfing endorsements.

Duane Schofield

Spokane Valley, Wash.

Grant Rant -- I am writing to express my sadness because of the recent comments about Tom Grant and his mayoral campaign ("Five Card Draw," 8/14/03). We have a lot of problems in our country. One of those problems is when people see social train wrecks in other people's lives and do nothing. Most times, when people see someone in need, they don't use the opportunity to reach out and help. I am certain we act this way because it is an inconvenience. It's much easier to whistle on down the road of life and ignore the person's plight.

Tom Grant is not such a person. When you commented about Grant reaching out to help the children of the bombers and armed robbers, you tried to write it as if it was something unheard of for a reporter to act like a human being. When you wrote that story, you committed a disgusting act of drive-by character assassination. I checked into this story, and the truth is that these children were the victims of their parents' bad logic and moral character. They were in definite need of a Good Samaritan who could reach out to them and provide them with a sheltered, protected environment. Tom Grant was that person. If that was a crime, then so be it. If that was "unethical" in the journalism field, then it is better to have a strong moral character than a shallow ethical standard.

Spokane is in dire need of a strong moral character that will stand up and represent its constituents. After checking into this story, I have decided Tom Grant is the person I hope to see in the mayoral office. He's got my vote.

Daniel Brailey

Spokane, Wash.

Publication date: 08/21/03

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