Pay Attention!

Interesting interviews as to “What can be done to make our roadways safer” in the Nov. 21 issue (“On the Street”). I read them while waiting for my wife who was shopping. A few minutes later we drove by a very fresh head-on crash in front of SFCC. Not pretty. No sense to it: clear sunny weather, dry road, late-model vehicles and stupid drivers.

Authorities, engineers, law enforcement, etc. all seem to be charged with making driving safer. All the safety measures built into our roads and vehicles are beneficial but inadequate. Until all concerned start treating driving as a privilege, not as a right, poorly trained drivers will cause collisions. Increased driver education and improved screening at licensing would help. Individuals paying attention, avoiding distractions when behind the wheel, and acting responsibly would help. Turn on your lights day and night, slow down, be respectful to other drivers!

Vern Kays
Spokane, Wash.

The List Goes On

“Reform By Amendment” (11/21/13) was right on the money. We have the best country in the world, with the best framework for a government. However, our government needs a major overhaul, starting with the Supreme Court. When a Chief Justice seat opens, the next senior justice should replace them. And so on until a new justice is in place. Then the president should name a new justice, not the Chief Justice.

We should have a national presidential primary. It is too easy to control the selection of new candidates. Congress should have to be subject to all the laws they pass. No exemptions for them. No lifetime retirements, including health insurance, staff, etc. No amendments to a bill that are not directly related to the bill — for example, no foreign aid on a farm bill.

The federal budget must be balanced. No foreign aid to countries that vote against us in the United Nations or harbor fugitives.

National guard troops must not be deployed outside the U.S. or our territories. Tighten up the securities and banking laws. There is too much room for fraud. And the list goes on. We need to have confidence in our institutions. We have very little now, for good reason.

Herb Postlewait
Spokane, Wash.

Fear of Cloning Unfounded

GMO? We are all products of genetically modified organisms. If not, then we would not be here to participate in this asinine discussion. Just the simple act of reproduction is a testament to its presence in society. Cloning is not an option. If it were, we would not have to worry about overpopulation or inadequately educated people that are led around by the nose by individuals with their own agendas and who are not always productive to society.

Societies have been modifying their food since the dawn of time. The biggest and best were, and still are, selected for breeders — like your parents. The fastest growing grains were put aside each year as seed stock for the next season. The seed from the tastiest apple was saved to grow the next generation of fruit trees. Most of the time the results were hit or miss. It was a long, slow process that only recently has been improved upon using scientific methodologies. Get a grip folks. Look around. How many clones do you see walking around?

Leonard R. Askham
Pullman, Wash.

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