Looking Ahead

Regarding “Ready For Takeoff” (12/5/13): An ideal location for the aerospace industry in Spokane County would be the site of Fairchild Air Force Base if the Air Force ever leaves. It has acres of developable land, rail transportation on the BNSF main line just outside the northwest corner and space for an electricity generating wind farm. Such a complex would generate high paying jobs. Always recall that the Boeing Field site is a former Air Force base.

To State Sen. Michael Baumgartner I say that Washington state needs legislators that can get the job done in the allotted time of a legislative session — not with two overtime sessions. Right to Work talk has been around for decades including a vote of the people. Citizens of Washington do not want it because it would drive out the highly skilled workforce.

Larry A. Dixon
Spokane, Wash.

South Hill Speeders

Spokane may soon become a sister city of Detroit. As a 30-year career prosecutor, I am outraged at the minimal effort to enforce traffic violations and aggressively prosecute the violators actually cited. In particular, the South Hill has been turned into a traffic nightmare like the North side.

The safety of pedestrians, especially the elderly and children, is at greater risk on 29th Avenue since Trader Joe’s was allowed to build. Bright yellow pedestrian crossing signs need to be placed at both Fiske and Mt. Vernon. Also, a flashing light system for the crosswalk by Rosauers. No one follows the speed limit or cares about pedestrians due to a lack of police presence. How many of the new 25 cops will Chief Straub dedicate to traffic enforcement? Straub seemed more concerned with turning his stolen bike into a media event.

Spokane needs a real cop as chief, like William Bratton, former New York Police Commissioner and Los Angeles Chief of Police. I loaned Bratton’s book on leadership and management to Mayor Condon, but he may have ignored it. As a native of Spokane, I believe the former city manager system worked much better.

Jim Reierson
Spokane, Wash.

A Risk Worth Taking

In response to the young man who wrote the heartfelt acclamation of not being lonely in his bachelorhood (“The Case for Being Alone,” 11/28/13): I did live a marriage defined by constant sacrifice to the idol of man being head of the household. But then, I am over 60, and we most often live out what our parents before us showed. Until — and this is the point of my response — we individually wake up to what a committed marriage is really about. I had to leave my marriage of 25 years because I did not yet understand the difference between accepting the one-sided expectation of my sacrifice versus the honest loving commitment to being willing to sacrifice for your loved ones if and when necessary. The difference here is as big as the Grand Canyon.

One can never know how to be prepared for real commitment in marriage. It is not like caring for houseplants. And the incredible thrills and growth from meeting the challenges of how to compromise and/or sacrifice because you love this person with your whole intention, whether or not you have any rational understanding of this, is a mystery and challenge I do hope this young man someday has the courage to risk.

Betty Jo Critchfield
Spokane, Wash.

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