Letters to the Editor

Fox News, foreign assistance and finding a purpose in the military

Fox is Working for US

Please refrain from your biased beliefs about Fox News. (“Working the Angles,” 1/30/14.) Calling Roger Ailes’ news station the “biggest con job in history” is false, inaccurate and shameful.

Please take a poll, not an Inlander poll, but an independent poll in this area. Then report to us who agrees with your blatantly one-sided beliefs of what is really happening at Fox News. They are aggressively protecting the Constitution, abortion rights, religious freedom, balanced government, 2nd amendment rights, exposing glaring defects in Obamacare, dishonesty in government and reviving the country from moral decay. Bill O’Reilly is the top reporting program in over 15 years on cable television. No program is even close to his percentage of viewers. You should include in your columns glaring bias of MSNBC, major networks and stories purposely left off the air and in print. It’s time for the truth, and not hurling rocks as someone who cares about this great nation.

Jock Swanstrom
Spokane, Wash.

Act Globally

With Congress in session again, they will of course be voting on very important issues and legislation that affects different people all over, even globally. But representatives from both sides have come together in the past to support American Foreign Assistance programs, programs that are responsible for vaccinations, clean water and construction of hospitals and schools that have changed many lives.

This is more than just good public policy; we can show the world our generosity and interest in keeping peace and prosperity on a global scale. For less than 1 percent of the budget, we can additionally benefit from new markets that have the opportunity to emerge with our assistance and prevent conflicts that are more likely to arise from unstable parts of the world.

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Senator Patty Murray have both voiced support for this bill and other legislation like it, but we can have more of an impact if we voice our support to keep these programs alive, especially at this time when Congress is voting.

Kristen Johnson
Spokane, Wash.

Choosing Service

As you repeated in your article “Sidewalk Summit” (1/23/14) what a local activist said, that these “so-called street kids … need a purpose.” These needs can be very adequately addressed by enlisting in the military. As long as they haven’t run afoul of the law, at least in a big way, and have completed most of their high school education or a GED, the military is a great place to get on track. The Army may help with the GED also.

The pay, training and other benefits are way better than living on the street. They will have a future as opposed to very bad prospects otherwise. If they truly want to have a productive, meaningful life, they better be ready for some compromises in their lifestyle. It will take a commitment on their part.

As a Navy veteran, I am proud to have served my country and used the training received, as well as some of the benefits I earned by being a veteran.

Herb Postlewait
Spokane, Wash.

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