Worth Getting “Worked Up” Over

As a rape victim, I don’t think it’s a waste of time to call people out when they use the worst, most violent and life-shattering ordeal of my life in a bad pun to sell drinks. Especially considering the fact that so many actual rapists use drinks to victimize people. I don’t think it’s a small deal. Things like this send two messages. To victims like me, the joke says that what I went through is insignificant enough to laugh about. To rapists, it says that their behavior is not a big deal, kind of funny, and the kind of thing people like this bar owner are far too cool to get all “worked up” over. Thank you for sending a different message.

Liz Hamill
Spokane, Wash.

Connecting the Dots

Congratulations to the Inlander on a job well done. Your introductory articles to the “State of Mind” series (2/6/14) are hard-hitting, honest depictions of some of the dilemmas we face here and across the country. Heidi Groover and Jacob Jones managed to skillfully connect enough dots to outline an issue — under-treated mental illness — that negatively impacts all aspects of our society, our community and many individuals on a deeply personal level.

Thanks for joining NAMI Spokane as a “voice of reason” on local mental health advocacy.

Ron Anderson
President, National Alliance on Mental Illness Spokane

Not Needy At All

When you say Cathy McMorris Rodgers votes against the needs of her constituents, people you call “the neediest” (“Spokane in the Spotlight,” 2/6/14), you have it all wrong. I am a McMorris Rodgers constituent and do not consider myself needy at all. I do not care what Robert Herold, his friend Timothy Egan from the New York Times, Charles Pierce from Esquire, Spokesman-Review editors, or liberals in Virginia, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Connecticut or any state think. I could find as many positive reviews as he found that were negative, if I wanted to waste time.

Most of the people I talk to in the 5th Congressional District want smaller and less government and more freedom. We don’t need anything from Washington, D.C. What we want from D.C. is secure borders, a strong military to keep the country safe, and the freedom to take care of ourselves without interference. McMorris Rodgers agrees with us most of the time. That is why she has been re-elected five times.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers votes the way I want her to 80 percent to 90 percent of the time. Until someone more conservative is available, I will continue to support her. The fact that progressive liberals spend so much time complaining about her about tells me she is doing a good job. Keep up the good work, Cathy.

Chan Bailey
Colbert, Wash.

Cleveland Still Waiting

I just read Mike Bookey’s article about the suffering of lifelong Seattle sports fans (“At Last,” 2/6/14), and although I enjoyed the article, I respectfully disagree with it. The Sonics won a championship in 1979, the Storm in 2004 and 2010, and the Seahawks just won the Super Bowl. That is four championships, three in the last 10 years.

On the other hand, no Cleveland sports team has won a championship of any kind since the Browns in 1964. I would say they have suffered worse than Seattle, so be grateful for what the Seahawks and Storm have given you in recent years!

Herbert Delvecchio
Spokane, Wash.

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