Readers respond to Chelsea Martin's June 28 column, 'Crushin' on Jeff Bezos'

Letters to the Editor

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Caleb Walsh

Don't Blame the Big, Bad Capitalist

Writer Chelsea Martin's June 28 commentary, "Crushin' on Jeff Bezos" sure is clever, turning the liberal media's favorite whipping boy — big, bad capitalist Amazon — on its head with a bit of sarcasm.

But as easy a read as this was, I'm still unconvinced Amazon's bigwig Bezos can cure that many ills. The U.S. debt, thanks to government spending on both sides, is never-ending, constantly generating and way over the capacity of any capitalist pig to wipe clean.

Bezos does what he can, though, within the free market system based on merit, hard work and America's pioneering spirit.

Also, a not-so-very personal anecdote... If it weren't for Bezos' Amazon hiring my husband three years ago, we wouldn't have been able to afford Seattle's liberal lifestyle, or the jacked-up real estate, not to mention the medical care we suddenly needed for my husband's bladder cancer and our then-13-year-old's back-to-back-to-back ER visits preceding a baffling asthma diagnosis and ongoing treatment.

Hell, we'd probably be as homeless as the rest of the growing fringe population here.

So thanks but no thanks. I'll take a job-generating "sociopath" like Bezos anyday.

Grateful in Seattle (and visiting Spokane for Hoopfest).

Carol Banks
Seattle, Wash.

Blame the Government More than Bezos
Jeff Bezos may be all that Chelsea Martin alleges — no argument. He behaves nonetheless exactly as expected of any billionaire within our capitalist system which provides no incentive for sensitivity, compassion or philanthropy. It is simply not necessary for him to be anything other than what he is and remain in good standing with his peers.

On the other hand, everything missing from Bezos' largesse is expected and absent from our government, including the willingness to tax the billionaires of our country. This is where the real blame and shame belong. Even more than Bezos, our government has the capacity to end world hunger, end homelessness, bring safe and clean water to every person in the world and still have enough to line the pockets of the rich, although it may mean one less aircraft carrier.

Michael Poulin
Spokane, Wash.

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