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Lilac City Performing Arts Presents "Tape"

Spokane’s two newest theater groups — Stage Left Theater and Lilac City Performing Arts — lately have presented a lineup of productions that not only entertain, but make us think a little harder about what unfolds on stage. It’s a refreshing take on stage performance, even if a deep-thinking play isn’t for everyone. Lilac City’s next feature, Tape, places audiences front and center in the lives of two now-adult high school friends. One is on his way to success as a filmmaker; the other is immersed in the dark world of drugs. Things take a twist when the drug pusher gets his successful friend to admit to date-raping a girl they both dated in high school — and he’s taped the confession. It’s a dark subject matter that examines our perceptions of truth and motive.

— Chey Scott

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