by Mike Corrigan

In a matter of just a few years, Little Voice has gone from obscurity to one of the top cover bands in the area. How did they do it? It's no mystery to drummer and bandleader Chris Rieser.

"It's taken about two and a half years to get the band established," he says. "We've gone through minimal changes as far as personnel, and the people that are in the band now are very dependable. I love them like family. That's how we treat each other -- and it shows. The audience isn't stupid. They see when there's problems and when you're not having a good time. They see when you're having a great time. They pick up on things a lot more than musicians give them credit for."

The Little Voice family includes Rieser, Jay Rawley, Joe Oliver, Kelly Porter and vocalist Valerie Edgerton. The band's set list leans heavily on classic rock, R & amp;B, adult contemporary and Motown -- a virtual greatest hits set from the likes of CCR, the Beatles, Van Morrison and the Rolling Stones to name but a few.

Though Little Voice is primarily a cover band, Rieser (along with his guitarist) has written and recorded at least two albums' worth of original material at his home studio.

"We have plenty of material," says Rieser. "But I've put a lot of time and focused a lot of energy into getting the band on its feet. And as far as an original act, I don't think you can make a living at it in this town. In fact, I know you can't. But I'm very proud of the few venues that are here in this town that support original live music. And I hope come March or April when I have all this material rehearsed that I'll be knocking on their doors and hopefully be able to work some places like that. I don't expect to make any money at it. But I think just the pleasure of playing for friends in this town would be sufficient for me." --

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