Is It Time to Unplug?

Americans spend an average of 10 hours a day staring at screens
Pixar’s WALL·E is almost nine years old, but its depiction of people who are overexposed to digital media endures: adult-sized babies in Hoverchairs drinking their meals out of cups, eyes glued to holographic screens. WALL·E implies that a dystopian future awaits us unless we “unplug,” or set some healthy limits on how often we’re tethered to a device, browsing the internet and tending to our social media.

Vegan Culture

It may not make your bread rise, but nutritional yeast is packed with protein and flavor
Nutritional yeast is one vegan staple that would benefit from a marketing makeover, sounding more like a component of baking or brewing than an essential source of dairy-free protein with a cheesy flavor. Unlike the ingredient used in bread making, however, nutritional yeast is inactive, and it has been dried to form fine flakes or powder that dissolve easily.

Get In and Get Out

Replacing a hip doesn't always require an overnight stay
Paul Kimball's hip replacement journey started when his back went out. "It was like, Wham!

Thinking Smaller

Families are finding that having less stuff — and less living space — leads to less worry and a more satisfying life
Casting aside excess and paring our possessions down to the essentials has held a certain appeal for millennia. It's a practice — usually in its more extreme forms — that has even come to characterize whole civilizations or religious orders, resulting in adjectives like spartan and monastic to describe a bare-bones lifestyle stripped of all frills.

Smaller Homes, Bigger Market

As dream homes evolve beyond big houses on big lots, local developers work to cater to the needs of modern homebuyers
Living closer to amenities, enjoying less upkeep, taking pride in a smaller carbon footprint and lower energy bills, or just enjoying more family camaraderie. Whatever buyers of smaller homes have in mind, developers and realtors in the Inland Northwest are ready to make those dreams a reality.

Home At Last

Can Spokane and Catholic Charities solve homelessness?
Volando Peeples says his days of couch-hopping are done. Peeples, 42, has one of the 51 apartments in Catholic Charities' Buder Haven apartment complex.

Pants on Fire

Why do we lie?
I don't lie. Oh, that time I told my friend her haircut was cute when, well, it wasn't.


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