Creature Comforts

Mysterious and powerful, the bond between animals and humans provides elements of healing and understanding
Linda Irish had been breeding Old English Mastiffs for several decades when she hit upon a novel way to connect with her Sheridan Elementary students. With her principal's permission, she brought a 6-month-old brindled mastiff pup named Macie into the classroom, tapping into the mysteries and magic of the human-animal bond.

Failure to Launch

"Adulting" is a thing now: Are kids acquiring the skills to navigate real life?
At age 30, Ashley Grow is personally familiar with the struggle of millennials to cope with the responsibilities of adulthood. As a family consumer science teacher, she's in a prime position to do something about it — if only schools and families will take advantage while they have the chance.

Treatment and Testing

Spokane-based PAML streamlines its laboratory testing; also, a local neurologist offers a new Parkinson's treatment
In a sterile white room with a view overlooking the Park Inn Bar & Grill, shiny, new washing-machine-like devices whir and hum. Tubes of human samples from across the country automatically zip between the appliances via tunnels covered in blue-tinted plastic, reminiscent of a lab-rat run.

A Human Problem

Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health issues, and there are things you can do to help
If you have depression or anxiety, it doesn't mean you are flawed or broken: It's a human problem, explains Dr. Sean Smitham, a clinical psychologist in Spokane. First, he says, no one ever taught you how to deal with your incredibly powerful brain, about feelings and how to cope with them.

Veggie Tales

Science says to eat more plants and less meat — here's why
Diets, like fashion, appear to be in a state of constant inconstancy. There's Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, DASH, 5:2 and dozens more, their popularity rising and falling according to their novelty or the number of celebrity proponents they happen to have on a given day.

No Meat? No Problem

Fresh and hot off the grill, plant-based recipes can be just as flavorful as their meaty counterparts
Jamie Aquino transitioned to the vegetarian lifestyle in early childhood, and has been teaching other people how to make healthy, flavorful and creative plant-based recipes for more than two decades. As a culinary instructor at The Kitchen Engine in downtown Spokane for the past five years, Aquino teaches a variety of classes that regularly fill up on veggie burgers, cooking with tofu, homemade soups, and farm-to-table cooking.

Eat Your Veggies!

Charity Corner: An annual celebration of plant-friendly living
Whether you've been debating about making the switch to a meatless or entirely plant-based diet, or you're simply looking for inspiration and resources to make some health-conscious lifestyle changes, the fourth annual Spokane VegFest welcomes all, from the "veg-curious" to already faithful vegans and vegetarians. For its fourth year, the one-day convention held on the Spokane Community College grounds continues to grow, hosting demonstrations, speakers, an outdoor vendor market, live music and other activities throughout the day.

Mystery Poem

Genealogy can be an engrossing hobby — especially when you stumble upon somebody else's story
The poem took thousands of miles, three generations and 78 years to get to me. It took a flood — an inch and a half of water soaking the carpet in my grandma and grandpa's basement on Five Mile Prairie — to expose it. She finds it in the room with the old National Geographic issues: An antique edition of Ralph Waldo Emerson's Essays and Representative Men.


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