Local Goods

These products are all made by great folks right here in the Inland Northwest. The fact that they're all delicious is just icing on the cake

Chattaroy Cheese Co. Farmstead Goat Cheese

This creamy chèvre is made from the milk of Nubian goats, which are known for high milk-fat content. Aside from being rather nice to look at, the Chipotle Garlic flavor has a great Southwestern kick to it, perfectly balanced by the coolness of the cheese. Available from late spring through late autumn at Main Market, Huckleberry's, Rosauers, Petunias Market and local farmers markets.



Gebardi Chicago Pizza Crust Mix and Sauce

Generations ago, the Gebardis were Italian-American immigrants with ties to Al Capone's gang in Chicago. They've long since left the criminal life and committed to restoring honor to the Gebardi name with delicious Italian food. Their pizza crust mix and pizza sauce are flying off the shelves in more than 120 stores in four states, but it's still made in Sandpoint. Find it at Main Market.

Crust mix $4.79, sauce $8.50


Tom Sawyer Country Coffee Hand-Roasted Coffee Beans

Tom Sawyer (yes, that's his real name) has been in the Washington coffee business for nearly 50 years — long enough to have witnessed the rise of coffee giants like Starbucks and Seattle's Best Coffee. If you try his hand-roasted coffee, we bet you'll never return to either of those places again. His specialty-grade Arabica beans brew into a perfectly balanced, heavenly cup o' joe. Find it at Petunias or Tom Sawyer Country Coffee shops.

About $11/bag


Papa Ray's MarketPlace Ultimate Vanilla Scone Mix

Papa Ray believes that not all baking mixes are created equal, and his European-recipe scone mixes prove his point rather nicely. His vanilla scone mix is great for the scone purist, with a flawless texture and sprinkling of raw sugar on top. Or it can be a perfect base for adding berries, nuts or chocolate chips. Find it at Egger's, Decorum, Hallett's Market, Super 1 Foods and the Culinary Stone.



Flora Yogurt Company

This yogurt is nothing like the sugar-laden, processed stuff you'll find at most stores. It's made in small batches from local organic milk and sold in charming Mason jars for a down-home feel. It's available in five strains, including Swedish Filmjölk and Bulgarian, each with a unique taste and texture, but all equally delicious. Find it at Batch Bakeshop, Rocket Market, Main Market, Huckleberry's and Petunias.

$5 pint, $8 quart


Sands Trail Farms Hot Pickled Peppers

Pickling has become a trend these days, but Sands Trail Farms in Chattaroy has been doing it long before it was cool. These peppers are made with a decades-old recipe, perfect as a spicy snack or as a classy hors d'oeuvre. Find these and their other pickled items at Main Market and Rocket Market.




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