Local Music Guide

  • The Inlander's Music Festival for All

    By Laura Johnson

  • Sam Platts & the Kootenai Three

    Old-school country sees a new-generation revival in this young Coeur d'Alene group

    By Gawain Fadeley

  • Mama Doll

    They're not about being an all-female act; they just want to make great music

    By Laura Johnson

  • Normal Babies

    Screw your iPod, your smartphone, your iTunes account: Normal Babies evokes a time and place when music had a heart

    By Leah Sottile

  • Blackwater Prophet

    As the hard-rock trio takes its music more seriously, so do its fans

    By Mike Bookey

  • Bloody Gloves

    Spokane's punk scene deserves a band that's not afraid to be edgy

    By Jordan Satterfield

  • Regional Awareness

    Volume features local talent, but also draws some of the hottest up-and-coming bands from the region; here is just a sampling

    By Laura Johnson

  • So You Wanna...

    Curated Volume lineups for all musical tastes

    By Leah Sottile

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