Six Inland Northwest podcasts you need to know

Timesuck! With Dan Cummins

Spokane-bred stand-up comic Dan Cummins has forged a career touring the country, but how to stay up to date and pleasing his fanbase when he's home in Coeur d'Alene? Enter Timesuck!, Cummins' endlessly entertaining weekly podcast that takes its listeners on roughly two-hour rides into weird history, politics, science, conspiracy theories — basically anywhere Cummins' voracious mind takes him. His research and passion for knowledge comes through whether he's talking about the "Lizard Illuminati Conspiracy" (Episode 1), the rivalry and murders of Tupac and Biggie (Episode 76) or, more recently, episodes about the Black Panthers or the amazing story of Northwest folk hero/hijacker D.B. Cooper. Listen at (DAN NAILEN)

Basic Brainheart

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Hannah Camacho's podcast Basic Brainheart is available on iTunes and Soundcloud.

For her podcast Basic Brainheart, Liberty Lake-based podcaster Hannah Camacho regularly lands behind-the-scenes interviews with the pros behind Hollywood hits such as A Quiet Place, Arrival and Inside Out. When she's not making marketing magic happen at her day job with Numerica Credit Union or hanging out with her kids, Camacho is interviewing everyone from animators and composers to producers and directors about their creative processes and how they broke into the biz. "I want to maybe demystify what that process looks like to become a better storyteller, better artist, a better creative." Find the newest episodes of Basic Brainheart on Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud. (SAMANTHA WOHLFEIL)

Weed & Whiskey

Six Inland Northwest podcasts you need to know
Comedians Casey Strain and Josh Teaford host the Weed and Whiskey podcast.

When local comedians Casey Strain and Josh Teaford sit down to record an episode of their podcast Weed & Whiskey, there's plenty of living-room-style shootin' the shit between the two buds and their guests, who often imbibe in one substance or the other and let the conversation flow. Tune in for their take on everything from the nutritional value of bacon to the local music and comedy scene, and feel like you're sitting around with old pals. Episodes posted at (SW)

The Ouija Broads Podcast

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Ouija Broads Liz Wood (left) and Devon Kelley.

Lifelong friends Liz Wood and Devon Kelley have been making each other giggle and gasp with stories of creepy and haunted things since they met at Spokane's Chase Middle School. For the past couple of years, they've continued their passionate interest in all things weird and wacky in the Pacific Northwest with a podcast that explores everything from UFO visits to mythological animals to truly horrific history in the region like an episode dedicated to the Cedars, which they called "basically a concentration camp for women with STDs in Oregon" way back when. Listen at (DN)

One Offs With Phill Kop

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Phillip Kopczynski

Spokane comedian Phillip Kopczynski launched his One Offs podcast in 2018, and his weekly episodes — typically around a half-hour long — will feel familiar to fans of other comedians' podcasts. There are some teases to upcoming shows, some guests stopping by for interviews here and there. But the highlights are the glimpses of the not-so-glamorous life of an up-and-coming comic working in small towns and unusual venues. Check out his episodes about doing stand-up at the county fair, great gigs in Eastern Washington small towns and visiting strip clubs with his fellow comics. Listen at (DN)

A Senseless Death

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Courtesy of Julie Knapp
Zachary Lamb

A senseless tragedy with a killer unknown, the murder of Zachary Lamb in Spokane remains mired in more questions than answers more than four years after he was shot outside of his lower South Hill apartment. In a four-episode podcast, host Lindy Boustedt goes over the details of Zachary's case from a somewhat personal perspective — her sister dated him for a time and they'd remained friends before his death. Boustedt examines how road rage may have been involved, how red light camera rules are meant to protect privacy but could be preventing a breakthrough in the case, and how Lamb's family remains afraid of the unknown killer who shot the 26-year-old while his pregnant fiancée was still in the car nearby. Listen at (SW)

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