Looking to take your love higher this holiday? Try these sips, soaks and other nonscents

Valentine's Day is here, but why settle for flowers, or flower, when you can infuse your romantic holiday with some great cannabis-infused gifts? Here are three to consider when shopping for your significant other this February.


Local producer Dogtown Pioneers' line of Ray's Lemonade infused beverages are on the top shelf of the cannabis drink market. With a range of flavors from traditional lemonade to blood orange and raspberry, they've got you covered no matter what kind of cannabis mixed drink you're craving.

Ray's Lemonade is available at most dispensaries in our region. Head to your favorite with your special someone, grab a flavor that sounds good and make a trip to the grocery store to pick up some mixers. Muddled lime and tonic water for the blood orange? Why not? A coconut cup for your bottle of tropical kush? Sure! The possibilities for your Valentine's drink menu, infused with weed and romance, are endless.


A hot bath, in a room lit by candlelight, with rose petals floating in the water. Now, that's romantic. But, come on, roses aren't the only flowers you should be throwing in your bath these days. No, don't go dropping a couple grams of flower in there. Get the weed that's been made for water. Bath bombs are an ever-growing niche in the cannabis-infused topical market.

Absorbing THC through the skin doesn't produce the usual intoxicating effects, but rather just a sublime body high from head to toe. If you've got a partner who could use a nice, relaxing cleaning, for whatever reason, this is the gift for you.


This one might be a bit self-serving, but what are you to do if you're not much of a cannabis enthusiast but your partner certainly is? What do you get the significant other who smells good when they don't smell stoned? Consider something that allows them to get stoned without smelling like they have.

Weed pens are the perfect middle ground when it comes to smoking but not smelling. You're not technically smoking, but vaping feels close enough. And since you're not combusting fresh cannabis flower, you won't breathe out a cloud of smoke that will stick to you and everything in your house. Dispensaries offer many versions of pens and batteries, but my go-to is from Bodhi High with three power levels that allow you to dial in the perfect, precise hit. ♦

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