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Lord Huron, Allie Crow Buckley

Walking the line between dreamy and haunting, Lord Huron’s folk rock sound is almost tailor-made to be enjoyed under a starry summer sky. So it’s fitting that they’re unofficially kicking off the local summer concert season with 2023’s first concert at the Spokane Pavilion. A more melodic pop evolution of classic folk rock acts like Neil Young and the Band, Lord Huron has become a torchbearer for the genre with every album after their 2012 debut LP topping the Billboard’s Folk charts and being top 3 on the Rock charts. Frontman Ben Schneider’s voice manages to feel evocatively and alluringly world-worn without any hint of roughness, allowing each Lord Huron tune to split the line between bitter longing and honey sweetness.

Lord Huron, Allie Crow Buckley • Sat, May 27 at 7 pm • $45-$50 • All ages • Spokane Pavilion • 574 N. Howard St. •

— Seth Sommerfeld

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