Loud and Proud

Gifts for the tie-dye-wearing stoner

When the cannabis-infused fruit chews kick in, she doesn't reach for the Nintendo 3DS, she hits the trail to ponder the nature of reality and gather huckleberries. She gets lost in the internet watching hour upon hour of Terence McKenna lectures. She is a hula-hooper and probably went to Burning Man, in an electroluminescent tie-dye onesie. She is, in other words, an unabashed fan of the flower.


The name says it all, really. Sound-activated. Plasma. Light ball. This is for the friend who caught every Grateful Dead "Fare Thee Well" gig, or the one who can't stop talking about the most recent Electric Daisy Carnival. Those who vibrate at a lower frequency might find the electricity exciting (touch the glass ball, and you can feel the current shoot through your hands) or terrifying, depending on their state of mind. Turn the lights out, drop the needle on Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavilion and kiss the sky. $25 • Spencer's, NorthTown Mall • 4750 N. Division


The tie-dye-wearing stoner is, by definition, already pretty chill, but he's still searching for that calm within. His bookshelf is littered with Ram Dass, Transcendental Meditation teachings by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, tales of the Hare Krishnas and High Times. He wants enlightenment, dammit! Introduce him to yoga. While he may not find salvation right away, he'll strengthen his physical and spiritual cores, and eventually get an Om tattoo. $16+ • The Union • 121 W. Pacific, Suite 400


It took you years to nail the chords to "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)." Now you're stuck in a rut learning George Harrison's sitar part. Plug your guitar into Electro-Harmonix's Ravish Sitar pedal, and chances are it'll bring the vibes. Put your stoner friends in a trance with a glimmering sympathetic string drone. Who knows? Maybe you'll find you're the rightful heir to Ravi Shankar's otherworldly sound. Or maybe you'll just fall asleep. $237 • Hoffman Music • 1430 N. Monroe


Deep space is fascinating and trippy, almost unfathomable, particularly to the tie-dye-wearing stoner. She'd be on the first SpaceX voyage to Mars if her pockets were deep enough. A Celestron Powerseeker 60EQ refractor telescope is a great consolation. Track meteors, identify planets, gaze at the moon. Plus, there are no tools required to set it up, i.e., minimal confusion for the mind-blown psychonaut on your gift list. $90 • Huppin's • 8016 N. Division

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