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Mail Call

It’s probably been a decade or more since most of us wrote an actual letter on paper (thank-you cards don’t count here), with the traditional salutations, stamps and seals. Even so, don’t underestimate handwritten, physical mailed correspondence’s importance in today’s instant, internet world. That’s part of the vision behind the Smithsonian’s traveling exhibition Mail Call, set to soon depart from its current stop at the Spokane Valley Heritage Museum. The exhibit offers a fascinating look back on America’s history of mailed letters to military personnel, from the Revolutionary War to the Afghanistan War, and the meaningful connections these handwritten updates and words of encouragement still have to men and women in active duty service roles, far away from their loved ones.

Through Sat, July 14; open Wed-Fri 11 am-4 pm, Sat 11 am-4 pm • $4-$6/admission • Spokane Valley Heritage Museum • 12114 E. Sprague • • 922-4570

— Chey Scott

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