Make sure you're starting your day off right with some great breakfast deals

Make sure you're starting your day off right with some great breakfast deals
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A Boots Bakery breakfast delivers serious bang for your bucks.

Breakfast is the meal that can make or break your day. That's why we like breakfast bites. They'll help get you through a very busy day or help you enjoy a day of rest and relaxation. Either way, they're a welcome comfort food. Here are some of our favorite places to grab affordable breakfast items:

Kalico Kitchen
1829 N. Monroe St., 326-7144
Don't mess with the classics. That's the philosophy at Kalico Kitchen, which has been running on the love for traditional American breakfast food since 2003. There are a lot of fundamentals on the menu, like their biscuits and gravy, French toast and whatever combination of bacon, sausage or eggs you can imagine. I decided to try one of their house specialties, the breakfast burrito, for $8. It's a crazy deal, considering I had half for lunch and half for dinner. The thing is huge, featuring an amalgamation of bacon, sausage, ham, eggs, cheese and peppers with onions.

Boots Bakery and Lounge
24 W. Main Ave., 703-7223
A hip atmosphere needs a hip breakfast that looks aesthetically pleasing while bursting with flavor. Boots Bakery proudly delivers through its modern and healthy dishes to give an energizing boost to your morning. With $10 in hand, you can get a good portion of two different entree choices, so I tried one of their potato croquettes and the tofu scramble. It tasted good and made me feel proud to be an avocado-loving millennial.

Uncle Rusty's Diner
1412 W. Second Ave., 474-9214
You can't make a list of breakfast spots without including one of the many diners around town. It's something about the classic diner vibe that makes the orange juice fresher and the pancakes fluffier. Speaking of, I knew I had to try the pancakes at Uncle Rusty's. You can get a tall stack of five for a little over $10. Of course, there's also the selection of diner food ranging from burgers and fries to Philly cheesesteaks.

Clark's Fork
1028 N. Hamilton St., Ste. 100., 960-8962
Breakfast should be all about you. Clark's Fork tailors its dishes with that in mind. Whole wheat or gluten-free? Special dietary needs? They've got you covered if you let them know. Most of the breakfast items are around $10 or under and great for people on the go. I like to make a stop there for a breakfast sandwich, but this time, I wasn't in any hurry. I got their Hot Mess plate; $12 for a combo of biscuits, eggs, potatoes and bacon.

The Breakfast Nook
1719 N. Fourth St., Coeur d'Alene, 208-667-1699
This little, unassuming establishment has an ace up its sleeve. Most of the omelets are under $10, my favorite being the Denver omelet. As someone very conscious about spending, cheap omelets are the ultimate holy grail. The service is fast and they treat their people well. Whenever I head out with some friends to go check out the lake and make a day of it, the first thing on the agenda is usually to grab some food, and these omelets do not disappoint. ♦

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