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Margaret Albaugh: Tomgirl

For the month of February, Terrain Gallery is showcasing the work of Margaret Albaugh in TOMGIRL. As a photographer, Albaugh focuses on personal projects, documentary work, visual poems and environmental portraits. Albaugh created the concept of TOMGIRL as a personal expression of her frustration with societal gender norms, as both a woman and mother of two daughters. As shown through the images she captured in TOMGIRL, Albaugh is motivated by the diversity of emotion that photography captures. Albaugh has drawn from her own observations of how patriarchal ideas of women have shaped the actions of her daughters, and she aims to advocate a new mindset for viewers that challenges gender norms, especially those who are raising next-generation children.

Through Feb. 27 • Gallery open Thu-Sat from 6-8 pm • Free • Also online at

— Natalie Rieth

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