Matt Shea's endorsements, co-operation from Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and other headlines

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State Rep. Matt Shea doesn't like when you say he did stuff when he didn't do stuff. He says (incorrectly) for example that the Spokesman-Review claimed he endorsed someone other than Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

Yet, Shea's campaign site still says he is endorsed by multiple organizations that have not given him an endorsement.

DAIRY: When cheese could be the death of you.

JAIL: A Spokane corrections officer was accused of having sex with a female inmate. The jail conducted an administrative investigation into its own employee before handing the case to sheriff's detectives. Now the case might be "compromised beyond the point where [detectives] could salvage it," Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich says. No charges have been filed.


Cooperative Cohen
Well that didn't take long. President Donald Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, is ready to squeal to the feds about Trump's involvement in a "criminal conspiracy" to hack the emails of Democratic officials during the 2016 election. (Washington Post)

So much smoke
But not the Spokane kind. It's the kind that rolls in just before your lawyer spills the beans on how you (allegedly) bamboozled the American people, and right after your campaign advisor was convicted of illegally hiding his money so he could afford to slaughter ostriches and wear their skin to keep warm.

Anyway, yesterday Republican Party leaders urged embattled incumbents to speak out against Trump leading up to this November. That should make things interesting for Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers' town hall in Spokane this evening.

"Where there's smoke, and there's a lot of smoke, there may well be fire," Rep. Tom Cole (R-Oklahoma) told the New York Times.

Tax reform, a town hall and Kelly Ann Conway
Yesterday, Cathy McMorris Rodgers touted tax reform legislation and its positive impact on economic growth in the Inland Northwest to a group of Spokane business leaders. (Spokesman-Review)

Today, she'll host a town hall in downtown Spokane.

Tomorrow, she's invited Trump apologist Kellyanne Conway to speak at a private campaign fundraising event. (Spokesman-Review)

The one juror
Paula Duncan, one of the jurors who voted to convict Paul Manafort of financial fraud, tells FoxNews that only one holdout prevented the former Trump campaign chairman of being convicted of all 18 counts.

Manafort was convicted on eight counts and the jury deadlocked on 10. Duncan says she is a Trump supporter, but the evidence against Manafort was overwhelming.

"Finding Mr. Manafort guilty was hard for me," Duncan says. "I wanted him to be innocent, I really wanted him to be innocent, but he wasn't." (Fox)

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