McMorris Rodgers challenges Twitter CEO, North Monroe is open and more headlines

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Cathy McMorris Rodgers


NEWS: Spokane Valley organizers plan to connect homeless people with services with a program this month, Spokane Valley Connect. The event is based on a Spokane program with a similar name, except this will have more of a family feel, an organizer says.

NEWS: North Monroe is open. It was smooth sailing when I drove down the road last night. To celebrate, businesses will be hosting a party on Sept. 15.

THEATER: A stage production of 1984 opens tonight at Stage Left.


You don’t know Jack

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers told Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey that his platform needed a better way for removing threatening content. Dorsey was at a House committee hearing looking into whether Twitter was censoring conservatives. Twitter recently suspended conspiracy theorist Alex Jones account after previously refusing to. (Spokesman-Review/ABC)

Law of the land?

A 2003 email regarding Roe v. Wade from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh calls into question his stance on legal precedent. (New York Times)

Murder suicide

Two women are dead in what a medical examiner ruled a “murder suicide” in a U District apartment in Seattle. One woman stabbed her roommate to death and then stabbed herself, authorities say.

The two women were both from Thailand. More from the Seattle Times here.

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