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Meade Ave, Sins and Sinners, TwelveGaugeSaints, Dysfunktynal Kaos

For many, Las Vegas means glitzy casinos and garish poolside parties, and concerts by either faceless DJs at sweaty nightclubs or oldies acts like Wayne Newton and Celine Dion. But every city has a seedy underbelly, and it’s hard to imagine a more appropriate soundtrack for Sin City’s dark side than Meade Ave, a metal crew named after a street dedicated primarily to adult shops and dirty warehouses. The band has seen a few lineup changes since forming in 2013 — hey, the metal life is rough — but a newly solidified four-man lineup is preparing a new album, Stitching The Torn, for release this spring. The sound? Classic metal crunch that recalls the likes of Judas Priest or the thrashier moments of Iron Maiden on tunes like “The Hangman’s Toll.”

— Dan Nailen