Mueller targets Trump, Sex ed controversy continues, and other morning headlines

click to enlarge Will the new sex ed curriculum properly educate these kids? - SPOKANE REGIONAL HEALTH DISTRICT; 2016 DATA
Spokane regional Health District; 2016 data
Will the new sex ed curriculum properly educate these kids?


Let's talk about sex ed, baby

Spokane Public Schools finally picks a sex-ed curriculum and everyone is happy, surely. Surely. But maybe not, the Inlander reports. 


Start with a warm-up
Salem Lutheran church is turning its gymnasium into a warming center. (Spokesman-Review)

Nobody donated to the Spokesman-Review's Christmas Bureau on Wednesday. (Spokesman-Review)

Academic fraud

Why was a private school in Louisiana so successful in getting underprivileged kids to college? Simple. It cheated. (New York Times)

Individual-1 is the loneliest number
The Mueller probe has an emerging focus. It's a fellow by the name of Donald John Trump. (Washington Post)

GOAT extinction?
When LeBron retires will the debate over who's the greatest of all time end as well? (The Atlantic)

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