Spokane's Super Sparkle wants to bring the party to you; Plus, exclusive listen to their new single here!

Spokane's Super Sparkle wants to bring the party to you; Plus, exclusive listen to their new single here!

A typical Super Sparkle concert is closer in spirit to a party than your standard rock show. The band's eight members, two of whom are energetic backup dancers, crowd the stage.

Lydia Night of the Regrettes strives for raw and real performances

As frontwoman of the punk-rock band the Regrettes, Lydia Night doesn't like planning ahead. She usually packs her clothes the night before leaving for a tour, isn't big on rehearsal and disdains canned stage moves and banter.

Spokane's Indian Goat produces classic rock 'n' roll riffs that cut through the noise

When it comes to rock 'n' roll, sometimes the best approaches are the least complicated. Take Indian Goat, for instance.

Most unfortunate byproduct of groundbreaking musical technique? Inferior copycats

Emulation is the foundation of rock 'n' roll. After all, music is a continuum, endlessly building upon what came before and influencing what comes after.

Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana brings his namesake band to Spokane

When you have a conversation with Carlos Santana, it doesn't feel like you're talking to one of the greatest and most influential electric guitar players who ever lived. It's more like an easygoing chat with a spiritual advisor, or a life coach, or simply a 70-year-old man who is grateful for each day.

Steep Canyon Rangers took big risks recording their new album, with rewarding results

Nearly 20 years into a career that's already given a band ever-increasing popularity, Grammy awards and opportunities for genre-defying collaborations is not exactly the time you'd expect that group to start taking dramatic chances. There's no other way, though, to look at how bluegrass heroes Steep Canyon Rangers approached recording their latest album, Out in the Open, other than "risky business."

The Travelin' McCourys are bluegrass royalty who don't always stick to bluegrass

When it comes to roots music, it doesn't get much more rootsy than the bluegrass aces of the McCoury family. Daddy Del McCoury is a towering figure of the genre thanks to a remarkable high-lonesome voice, and a rhythm guitar style that earned him a gig in the early 1960s as part of legend Bill Monroe's Blue Grass Boys and keeps him on the road headlining nearly 70 shows a year.

Northwest of Nashville cranks up the collaborations

You could call Northwest of Nashville a concert, or perhaps a variety show. The monthly showcase based largely around acoustic music defies easy genre categorization among the musicians who've appeared, and the occasional poetry reading or storytelling aside makes it an altogether different kind of show in Spokane.

Nashville troubadour Mat Kearney absorbs the sounds of artists he admires

Singer-songwriter Mat Kearney left the Pacific Northwest for Nashville nearly 20 years ago. Then a budding musician, he was drawn by the prospect of rubbing shoulders with some of world's greatest living songwriters, but he was a raw product.

Fronted by two pregnant members, Spokane's Atlas Hugged aims to create a friendly community

When Beyoncé performed at the Grammys last year, five months pregnant with twins, it garnered global attention. But women pursuing their musical career while pregnant is not a new concept in the music industry: Celine Dion, Victoria Beckham, Björk and rapper M.I.A. have all continued to perform despite the potential limitations of a pregnancy.

With just drums and guitar, Spokane's Donna Donna are shredding, snarling rock 'n' roll purists

Until the end of time, drum-and-guitar duos will inevitably (and not always accurately) be likened to the White Stripes. But for Donna Donna, that comparison is both warranted and welcome: They're aiming to capture the lean, uncluttered rock that Jack and Meg White re-popularized.

Folk legend Judy Collins enters her sixth decade of performing, stops in Spokane Saturday

It's common practice in folk music for artists to record their own versions of the songs that influenced them, which explains why there are countless covers of Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind" and Pete Seeger's "Turn! Turn!

Jeffrey Martin's music gives voice to folks on the fringe

Jeffrey Martin talks about the English language the way most people talk about their favorite sports team, or a decadent dessert, or the TV show they binge-watched last night. "I'm obsessed with words," the Portland-based folk singer says.

Prolific singer-songwriter Josh Ritter discusses his hands-off approach

Josh Ritter says songs are like hiccups. He'll be doing something mundane and a tune will pop into his head involuntarily, as if due to some reflexive bodily function.

Banditos' sound is all over the map, but its roots are deep in their native South

Birmingham, Alabama, is the kind of place where it's great to be a music maker, but not necessarily a music fan, according to Banditos guitarist Jeffrey Salter. "It's kind of near Atlanta, and kind of near Nashville, so growing up a lot of the big bands would come to those cities and pass Birmingham by," Salter says.

Mynabirds' songstress Laura Burhenn embraces protest music

A boom of protest music is underway in response to the increasingly intense dumpster fire of American politics, with artists as diverse as Fiona Apple and Run the Jewels speaking out to fist-pumping effect. Laura Burhenn, the L.A.-based singer-songwriter behind the Mynabirds, says it's an encouraging movement.


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