Volume Way Up

Volume Way Up

There are a lot of music festivals out there, but there aren't many like the Inlander's
Big festivals.

Built to Spill

Band leader Doug Martsch on the joys of small music festivals
Over the course of Built to Spill's quarter-century touring the world from their home base in Boise, the indie-rock crew, led by singer/guitarist Doug Martsch, has played a lot of rock festivals. Large and small.

Chastity Belt

All-female quartet's new album drops just in time for Volume
Seattle's moody, jangly rockers Chastity Belt grace the Steam Plant stage at Volume this year, just one day after the release of their gorgeous, shockingly mature new LP I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone. The band's vocalist and guitarist Julia Shapiro spoke to the Inlander last week, and it was deeply pleasant and enlightening.

Ras Kass

Old-school skills, but far from stuck in the past
In the digital age, it's hard to go unnoticed. Message boards and social platforms will obsess over and pick the meat entirely off of every niche movement or scene, especially when it comes to music.

Critical Mass

With 15 years under its belt, Sasquatch! has had major milestones, as well as hiccups, along the way
The Sasquatch! Music Festival has come a long way from its initial 2002 single-day, seven-act lineup that included Ben Harper, Jack Johnson and the String Cheese Incident.

The Good Times Are Killing Me

The night Modest Mouse sent me down the wrong road
I've been scarred by Modest Mouse — and not in a psychological, PTSD, I need a therapy dog and prayer sort of way (that would actually be sad), but in a midnight run to the ER, sitting in plastic chairs, putting pressure on a wound, waiting to get stitched up way (which is less sad and kind of funny).

Bear with Her

Kori Ailene brings her ballads of heartache and disenchantment to the Bartlett
"I'm just sick of hearing my goddamn voice," Kori Ailene says with a sardonic laugh. The local singer-songwriter, in the throes of promoting her first full-length record Bear with Me, admits she isn't entirely comfortable in the role of "artist" — the self-mythologizing of social media, the limelight, her presumed eccentricity.

Beats, Rhymes and Life

Washington, D.C.-based rapper Oddisee, known for his jazzy, socially conscious style, wants hip-hop to be viewed as "American literature"
Amir Mohamed el Khalifa, better known by his hip-hop moniker Oddisee, came out with an EP titled Alwasta last year. The name is rooted in the Arabic word "wasat," which means "middleman," an apt description for the rap veteran, who has been releasing music for 12 years.

Gang of Four

Spokane punk rockers Big Yuck Mouth are playing shows again, 30 years after they first formed
When Big Yuck Mouth started playing together in 1988, Ronald Reagan was still in the White House, the late 123 Arts was easily the coolest music venue in Spokane and the band's members were all angry, long-haired and in their late teens or early 20s. Three decades (and a long hiatus) later, the local punk band is active again, and though they're all either pushing or into their 50s, and their lineup has changed several times, they're still cranking out the same fast-and-furious songs they were barreling through in the late '80s.

Time to Listen

Canada's Current Swell expands their sound and works through grief on their latest record
As he walks through his neighborhood in Victoria, B.C., on a sleepy Friday evening, Dave Lang reflects on the time before his band Current Swell started recording their latest album. His 8-month-old daughter, who he's carrying now, hadn't been born yet, and his wife had just received the unexpected news that her dad only had a short time left to live.

Festival Primer

As summer fast approaches, we're previewing some of the biggest and best out-of-town festivals you should be planning for
Music fans in Eastern Washington know how vital festivals can be when it comes to seeing your favorite contemporary bands who routinely skip Spokane in favor of playing Missoula or Boise. The festival industry has grown at an astonishing rate in recent years, with corporations bidding on and eating up little fests like they were microbreweries.

Long-Term Effects

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors write songs to last a lifetime on Souvenir
Drew Holcomb has what he calls a "collector personality," and the rootsy singer-songwriter has a Nashville house full of objects he's gathered through the years. It started when Holcomb was a kid growing up in Memphis.

Choice Spins

The 10 Record Store Day releases we'll be looking out for
Big Star, Complete Third, Vol. 3: Final Masters

Freshen Up

Jimmy Eat World keeps evolving after nine albums and nearly 25 years
When a band's been around a while, it can be a challenge to keep things fresh. For pop-rockers Jimmy Eat World, the years after their 2013 album Damage proved full of efforts to recharge the band's batteries, nearly 25 years into a career that's seen them move from emo-scene figureheads to MTV darlings to elder statesmen of the alt-rock scene.

Gear Junkies

Spokane rock trio Supervillain defy expectations with their new album's vintage riffage
Supervillain is a band in a constant standoff with other people's assumptions about what they might sound like. If they get you at one of their shows, though, they'll have you hooked with danceable riffs that defy any of your preconceived notions.

Rare Air

Get down to the globally flavored electro-jams of Beats Antique
For a hard-touring band — especially one with a habit of releasing its albums in the fall — a winter at home with few professional obligations is a rarity. But that's exactly what the three members of Beats Antique have enjoyed over the past few months, drummer Tommy "Sidecar" Cappel says in a telephone interview from his residence in Oakland, California.


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