My Favorite Bar...For Catching a Game

There are entirely too many bars in the world that insist on having televisions blaring sports every night. That's what sports bars are for, and when this non-Washington native wants to get a glimpse of the Cubs instead of the Mariners, or the Chiefs instead of the Seahawks, I go to 24 Taps in downtown Spokane. Most sports bars have the same basic elements: Tons of TVs, beer, nachos and various deep-fried delicacies. It's the details that make a difference, and 24 Taps is my go-to for a few reasons. Their beer list leans local and crafty instead of corporate and shitty. Their food is better than I've come to expect from sports bars. And there are enough TV screens (and table-specific speakers) that I can get my game of choice dialed up, even when all the local teams are on at the same time.

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